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IMPORTANT: Reporting issues? Follow these guidelines!
Given that there's some actual development progress being made on all fronts, I'd like to take a moment to recommend some good practices for forum users reporting issues.

Prefix your thread title with the thing you're reporting on in brackets (the square ones, [ ], and no spaces) and all-caps.

  • If you're reporting about engine issues, [ ENGINE ] if it's the regular SpiderMonkey-based engine and [ TS ] if it's the V8-based TurboSphere. If instead you're reporting about one of the web-based Sphere engines, [ WEB-PIXI ] and [ WEB-THREE ] are the prefixes.
  • If you're reporting about editor issues, [ EDITOR ] if it's the default editor and [ STUDIO ] if it's Radnen's editor, Sphere Studio.
  • If you're reporting about config tool issues, [ CONFIG ] ; if there's ever another config app built it will be added here.
  • Support for scripts, resources, or projects should be in their appropriate threads since this sub-forum is for app support.

After the bracketed thing, put the operating system in parentheses (the round ones, ( ), and no spaces) and all-caps.

  • Windows XP is (XP), Vista is (VISTA), 7 is (W7), 8 is (W8)
  • Mac OS X is (OSX)
  • Linux should be the flavor of Linux, eg (UBUNTU) (MINT) (RH) (ARCH) etc, instead of simply (LINUX)
  • If other ports are made they'll be added here.

Try to be succinct and descriptive in your title. "Map engine crash on obstruction check" is way easier to figure out at a glance than "Map crashes" or "Crash!"

Try to have a screenshot or link to a video of the problem happening. If we can see it happening we can better determine if it's the engine or simply your script.

If you get an error message, post it. When the engine or editor legitimately crash, the OS will spit out a bunch of information for debuggers. Give this to us please! If the engine simply errors out (a black screen with an error message), it's a problem with a script or resource instead and should be handled accordingly.

Remember, Sphere is open-source and is on GitHub so if you also want to contribute a patch to any of our repositories feel free to do a pull request there. The source is also hosted on Sourceforge but it's way easier to manage it on GitHub.