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Engine Development / Re: Sphere 5.5.1 (miniSphere)
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
The next big feature I want to work on is Oozaru integration. Not sure how that's going to go yet, but the basic idea is to do something where Cell can include a copy of Oozaru with the compiled project. Then you just need to find a place to host it and you're good to go.
Engine Development / Re: Sphere 5.5.1 Official Release (miniSphere)
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
The Sphere 5.5.1 development kit has been released for Windows, beginning the rebranding effort mentioned a few posts back.
Arts / The Porkocalypse
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
one day the pigs will take over the world
over the ensuing eight months and twelve days
people will begin to mysteriously disappear
its very mysterious
nobody knows how people could just disappear off the face of the earth
never to be seen or heard from ever again
it couldnt possibly have anything to do with the eaty pigs
thats just ridiculous
who ever heard of something so stupid
pigs eating people
next youll be telling me theres a giant cow that eats cats

eventually everyone will disappear
then the pigs will be done with this planet
they will move on to the next
and all the aliens will mysteriously disappear just like the humans before them
the pigs will have nothing to do with that of course
but they will nonetheless carve a trail of eatiness throughout the galaxy
while just being generally fat and pink and eaty and piggish
and nobody will know what to do
or indeed if anything even can be done
but one thing is for sure
one day
after all the intelligent life on all the planets has mysteriously disappeared
for non-pig-related reasons because why would the pigs have anything to do with that
those pigs
they are going to eat the sun

in case it wasnt obvious by now
an enormous pig eating the sun
its kind of a problem
not so much because anyone needs the sunlight to survive
because remember everyone disappeared
which of course had nothing to do with the pigs but i digress
its more just because its a frigging sun
its extremely hot
and so eating it doesnt actually extinguish it
no matter how fat the thing was that ate it
so now theres just this huge pink star with a pig nose floating around the galaxy
eating everything
because it wasnt bad enough when it was just a giant pig eating stuff
now the pig is like
five thousand degrees
and who needs that

but all hope is not lost
which i know is hard to believe
because how do you stop an invasion of eaty pigs
especially when they are fat enough to eat the frigging sun
but you can trust me on this
i have it on good authority
you see
theres a prophecy
the pigs dont want anyone to know about it
but i do
it says
there will come a day when all the stars in all the galaxies align
when all life in the universe has been snuffed out
except for one kitty-eating cow
and on the morning of the rose-colored eclipse
it is said that the cow will stand against the pigs
the cow will lose
but not without thinning the pigs ranks
only then will the pink sun rise
and the last pig fall
into a black hole
never to be seen or heard from ever again

and so it goes
that at the end of time
when everything in existence has been eaten
but not the people or aliens because that would be stupid
because why would pigs eat people
in an ironic twist of fate
the eaty pigs themselves will be eaten
and while this victory will come at great cost
because lets be honest
nothing will survive the porkocalypse
but it turns out
it doesnt matter
because as the last pig is sucked into the singularity
being such a glutton it would eat the frigging sun
the black hole will be clogged
and as the sole surviving pig struggles in vain to get free
the star in its stomach keeping it from being crushed completely
the dead cow will float over the event horizon
only then will the pig know
its time is up
and as the cow and pig are compressed
into a tiny lavender singularity
in its final moments
the pig will be heard to say
let there be light
and there will be light

thus is it left to all intelligent life in the universe
to prepare for the porkacalypse
nobody knows the time or the hour
but its coming soon
you will know the day has come
when the largest pig ever recorded
enters the atmosphere from outer space
crash-lands on earth
shows up on your doorstep
and demands to eat all the food in your refrigerator
and as if that wasn't enough
your little dog too
now you may think you can outrun the pig before it comes
by leaving the planet now
especially since its so fat
surely it must be incredibly slow
way too slow to ever catch up with the space shuttle
but you are sorely mistaken
for you see
sixty five million years ago a meteorite wiped out the dinosaurs
most think they were killed in the blast
but thats a bunch of baloney
it turns out
all the dinosaurs were eaten into extinction
which is kind of ironic
and certainly tragic
but nonetheless necessary
so at any rate
it should be coming into focus now
nobody can ever outrun the pigs
because well
they are already here

so always remember
whenever youre feeling down
because youre afraid
and its okay to be afraid of eaty pigs
dont ever let anyone tell you it isnt
someone else might just have it worse than you
because theyre the one thats going to have to tell you
with tears in their eyes
theres a pig behind you
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.5.0
Last post by Radnen -
miniSphere is Sphere now. Good job Fat Cerberus! Congrats on the v5.5.0 release. :)
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.5.0
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
I don't know if anyone still even uses the forums anymore, but...

Just posted a new miniSphere version, 5.5.0, with a bunch of miscellaneous changes.  Notably the .fromFile() APIs are canonized and API level has been increased to 3.

Just as a quick heads-up, there's an upcoming rebranding: While the engine itself will continue to be called miniSphere to differentiate it from Oozaru (the Web implementation), the download itself will be renamed to Sphere. Not sure when I'm going to do this, but it'll be soon.
Game Development / Re: The Other Adventurer 3D
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
Pretty cool stuff, it's like old DOS FPSes (Doom, Wolfenstein 3D).  I forgot how low the ceilings looked in this type of game.
Game Development / The Other Adventurer 3D
Last post by Beaker -

Find the magical golden goat of glory inside the deadly dungeon. You have entered, and lo and behold! It lays right in front of you! But, it is across a gap too wide to reach. You are so close, but so far apart. Explore the dungeon and beat the 4 magical boss slimes to unlock the way into the evil slime king's lair. After he is slain, the path to the treasure you desire will be unlocked! But the way is long and dangerous, so be sure to restock your supplies in the nearby town and ask the townsfolk for helpful information.

Made at TOJam 14.

Download here:

-WASD to move
-Left mouse to attack
-Right mouse to block (sword & shield only).
-E to use (eg: open chests, talk to people)
-1-4 to switch weapons
-Space to jump
-F5/F8 to Save/Load (not yet working)
-F1 to show help
-Escape to quit

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

So this is a simple 3d fps made with Sphere 1.5, using transformBlits for the 3d drawing.  Since transformBlits use affine texture mappings, I allow for up to 16 subdivisions of the quads to help with the distortions (as well as issues around quads spanning between being in front of the camera and behind it).  The engine limits out at about 400 quads on screen at once, which I've noticed before with The Rainis Manuscript with how transformBlits are done in Sphere v1.  As a result, it has an adorably early 90's frame rate.  Also, the distance sort function is a little off, but I couldn't be bothered to fix it.

Sphere Support / Re: Map Editor Alternatives?
Last post by East -
Yes it was! Thanks mate
Sphere Support / Re: Map Editor Alternatives?
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
Sphere Support / Map Editor Alternatives?
Last post by East -
Hi everyone! The COVID-19 lockdown has brought me back to my beloved miniSphere after a long hiatus of real life getting in the way! :P

As I'm working from a different computer now, I had to find and download/buy all of my tools again, and I remember there was a third-party program that you could use to create maps in. It wasn't perfect because it had no official integration with Sphere, but you could use it to create basic maps and then import them as images to Sphere maps. It also had a JSON exporter IIRC. I can't remember the name of that program - anyone knows what I'm talking about?

And if we are on the subject, is there a different, maybe better supported alternative to the current map editor?

Thanks and I hope everyone is doing well!