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Sphere Game Engine on IndieDB
I was surprised not to find Sphere on IndieDB at all, so I added it. This was kind of necessary because one of my games (Sir Boingers) has been on IndieDB for a while and I wanted to link the correct engine to it; that engine being Sphere of course.

However, I obviously shouldn't be the only person to maintain this page, especially since there are several wonderful people here who are actually developing implementations of Sphere! Also, they expect the page to be updated regularly before accepting it, as well as games associated to it. Yeah, their system is pretty obtuse. I'm not even sure this thing CAN have several maintainers. Bummer.

Um, what I'm basically asking is, could anyone try to join the engine as a maintainer/news poster? If that's not possible, then at least track the game and perhaps add some of your (finished or upcoming) games to it? It's a bit of a hassle, but doing all this should make both the name of Sphere and its best games spread a bit, since IndieDB is connected to Desura and a bunch of other stuff.