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Sphere Map Engine Catch
I am trying to implement code involving functions to update the map engine and a render function in the animation loop but I am running into problems. If I put MapEngine("DoubleEmpty.rmp", 60); in the game() function of main.js file, I get SPHERE ENGINE HAS STOPPED WORKING and a problem event named BEX or APPCRASH. If I comment out the MapEngine line in the main.js file and turn on the same command in an intro function in a cutscene file, I get MAP ENGINE FAILED! MAP ENGINE IS ALREADY RUNNING. If I comment out that command in the cutscene file I get RENDERMAP() failed! MAP ENGINE called when MAP ENGINE was not running. I am using 5 files from Radnen's Knights Tale and the Wait function in the Animate.js file and admittedly, I don't really know in detail how they work to create the textbox and fade text and objects. The textbox function has an 'if map engine is running condition'. Maybe I just need to add an IF MAP ENGINE is running condition?

Code: [Select]
//------REQUIRE SCRIPTS------//
RequireScript('Load Data.js');
RequireScript('Animate.js');  // I am only using the WAIT function in this file to show the map for a specified time period
RequireScript('cutscene1.js'); // This file contains my function for an animation.

  I have another version of this game file with these same 9 files and a naive linear animation function that works fine. What did I change that is causing me such aggravation? The MapEngine function is in the game() function in the main.js file.

FORGET ALL THAT! I figured it out! The problem was caused by using the map to create new tiles which were then causing the map to not load because they were invalid tile references.

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Re: Sphere Map Engine Catch
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So...your problem is fixed?

To summarize for those unfamiliar with a possible solution, RenderMap() and UpdateMapEngine() need to make sure IsMapEngineRunning() returns true otherwise you'll get errors; MapEngine() starts a new map engine and will error if IsMapEngineRunning() returns true, which means you'll need to use ChangeMap() instead.