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Title: Hi! :D
Post by: Sprite on February 05, 2016, 12:21:49 pm
Hi. I just found this. Uhhh, I had a story that I'd made for years (like, 10 years) and I think that I found the medium to show this story.
But, because I'm on a macbook, it's really hard for me to do anything. (=-=)
And I think that I may need help for this. I'm happy to learn, so hopefully my story can come to life. :D
Title: Re: Hi! :D
Post by: Radnen on February 05, 2016, 04:56:14 pm
Hello Sprite!

Having a story is a great first step when you want to build a game, but building a game is very hard work since you have to tell that story with sound, graphics, and cutscenes all of which are not made easy in games development. First, do you know any programming languages? Sphere uses JavaScript, and minisphere, the current bleeding-edge version of Sphere does run on Mac, but there are no modern development environments for mac. You'd have to make do with whatever code editor you may prefer. There are many great tutorials on the wiki, and Sphere is a great tool for learning how to make a game from scratch.

That said, Sphere is not RPGMaker, which is better suited to people who don't want to build custom games from scratch, but rather tell stories from a pool of premade graphics, sounds and battle engine. It even has an events manager, perfect for "scripting" cutscenes. But if you want to modify it, to have a custom battle system, you'll have a hard time trying.

So if you are still interested in Sphere, please stick around! We would be glad to help.
Title: Re: Hi! :D
Post by: FBnil on February 12, 2016, 07:50:06 am
Hi Sprite.
When you outline your story, you will need some sprites too. Have you thought about the sizes? 16x32, 32x32 or 32x64? You will also need tiles to define your work. Making them is a tricky business, you can better download tilesets and change them than create them from scratch.
Do you think about RPG style, or just a nice background and then moving your images across? With some text and emoticons? 

Tell us more!