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Hi, this is really cool! I should probably mention, though, that this community is tiny, and so far the Sphere game engine hasn't really attracted much interest in commercial projects yet. So it might be difficult to find someone to do commercial work for here, as the four years of no responses have probably shown. You're more than welcome to stick around both here and on the Discord chat, of course. :)

I think you create some really nice sounding stuff though, so definitely following you on SoundCloud.
The jam has ended! I had a family visit and because of that break in activity I ended up not being able to deal with the pressure of finishing this on time. However, our game isn't dead! Rhuan has contributed some quality collision detection code and the artwork is also coming along nicely. I'll be resuming work on this in the evenings until we can release a nice, fun, miniSphere-based game.
Resources / Re: Music Composer, Producer & Session Guitarist - Available
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We're a little past the 24 hour mark, and things are getting pretty interesting. There are a lot of really cool looking projects.
The jam has been going on for about 10 hours now and my wife and I started working on things about an hour ago! The basic idea and framework are all laid down. Status updates will be here:
5 minutes left!
This sounds pretty interesting. I've never done anything like this, and have always worked on my stuff (games and non-games) on my own time and at my own pace, so I think this will be a good way to challenge and test myself. And of course to promote miniSphere along with any other Spherical members who are joining.
Game Development / Ludum Dare: a 2 to 3 day game dev jam - who's in?
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So the 42nd installment of the Ludum Dare game jam will be happening this weekend.
The competition lasts for the weekend if you're working alone, and it lasts 3 days if you're working in a team. Full rules here.

I'm going to be joining in (along with my wife, who will be doing some graphics and Rhuan, who will probably be contributing code) and make a little miniSphere game for it, and I was wondering if anyone else might be interested in joining in and make a game as well! :)

There will be a theme to the competition, but it isn't known until pretty much the last moment. These are the final possible themes that are being voted on right now though:

Some history with Ludum Dare and Spherical:
In the past I've participated before (and so has Radnen, several times in fact) and it's a good way to gain exposure to miniSphere as well.
Editor Development / Re: QtSphere IDE 0.2.5
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Alright, I zeroed out the reserved byte arrays and set the default frame delay to 8 (since I had it at 1), and now it creates a spriteset identical to one generated by the 1.x editor if you renamed the empty direction to "north", added "east", "south", and "west" directions, and gave each direction three frames.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
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I have to say, I would most definitely use that H*R startup game. Make sure it includes Strong Bad spewing out a bunch of randomized lines!
I was actually considering doing that, but I'm not sure how appropriate that would be for a game launcher.