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Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
Last post by Eggbertx -
By the way, if you're in Windows 10 and want to record a game/window, press Win+Alt+R to start recording. Then when you're done, press Win+Alt+R again to finish recording. I just converted the video to webm with ffmpeg because I thought it would expand the video inline like it did with the GIF file I uploaded earlier.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
Last post by Eggbertx -
Weird, I could've sworn I posted an updated screenshot of my Chip's Challenge clone...anyway, it fully loads and parses the binary .DAT file and accurately (mostly) draws levels to the screen. You can move around and it handles basic collision, but not much else (yet). I replaced the UI background and the time font with my own, and eventually I'll either replace the sprites and tiles with my own or use the sprites and tiles from Tile World to avoid copyright issues.
Projects / Re: OFF: Puppetmaster
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
Word to the wise: Do not attempt to fight off a giant eaty pig with a broomstick.  The broom will get eaten along with everything in a hundred-mile radius, which naturally includes you (unless you happen to have a broom that's over 100 miles long).

In less pig-eaty news, OFF is coming along slowly but steadily.  The first conversation with the Judge is implemented; next up I need to implement the first few puzzles and eventually the tutorial battle with the Judge.

It's so much easier to make a game when I can use pre-made assets and in general can use the original game as a template.  I just keep RPG Maker 2003 open and cross-reference it when coding the cutscenes. :)

I might post screenshots later.
Sphere General / Future of Sphere: Nomenclature in 2018 and beyond
Last post by N E O -
I have not officially returned to these boards just yet, but I wanted to pop in here and, spurred on by discussion on the Spherical Discord, clarify some information regarding referring to Sphere and its associated projects conversationally and officially.

  • While Sphere and its official website was originally hosted on SourceForge (which still contains the original code history and a more or less frozen version of the original website), the code itself and the code of various Sphere-related projects is now most currently up to date on GitHub under the "sphere-group" organization and repositories of various members of that group, and Spherical is the official website for Sphere, its related projects, and its community.
  • The current official implementation of the Sphere engine is miniSphere. The classic 1.5/1.6b engine should either be referred to by version number, by Legacy or Sphere Legacy, or by Classic or Sphere Classic, though the "Vanilla" moniker may occasionally be found in references.
  • Ownership of Sphere the engine, Sphere the API, and certain related projects is currently nominally assigned to the "Sphere Group" which consists of certain Sphere-compatible engine devs and certain Sphere game devs and is currently led by me, Alex Rosario, aka Apollolux or NeoLogiX, in order to prevent the stagnation and deprecation that comes with single-person ownership of the projects. Ownership of Sphere as the name of a game engine that uses JavaScript as its scripting language, belongs to Chad Austin unless otherwise noted.
  • Any future game engine projects are welcome to add Sphere-like APIs to it, but the engine will only be considered "Sphere-compatible" if it runs projects written for Sphere 1.5 or higher (either natively or through a translation layer of some sort) and either uses Sphere API-compatible JavaScript or a language that compiles, translates, or otherwise "trans-piles" to Sphere API-compatible JavaScript.

Regarding development history, there have been many people who have been involved in the direct development and testing of the various iterations of the Sphere engine. Many names escape me at the moment, but a good portion of that list can be found within the original editor's code. For historical reference and purposes, Chad Austin (AegisKnight) is the original creator of the thing, Brian Robb (Flikky) was then the most prolific developer of it and its updates along with a handful of other developers, and eventually after changing hands multiple times the overarching project as a whole is now currently maintained by me, Alex Rosario. Bruce Pascoe (Fat Cerberus) is the creator and lead developer of the current official Sphere implementation, miniSphere. Any nominal credits beyond the aforementioned would likely require some better research.

There may be separate posts or docs outlining terms beyond the above, such as clarifying licensing of engine-related names or commercial usage.
Sphere General / Re: What is SFXR?
Last post by N E O -
I'm late to the party here, but yea SFXR is for audio generation. In the future I would certainly like to see more generalized audio generation functions akin to the Web Audio API, but no skin off our backs if Sphere doesn't officially implement it.
Projects / Re: OFF: Puppetmaster
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
Finally started working on the field in earnest today, I've been trying to integrate @Rhuan's map engine but kept running into bugs.  He was quick about fixing them though so it's all good. ;)

My progress consists of a single map (drawn with shitty placeholder tiles, naturally :P) with a teleport trigger at the top that sends you to another unfinished map with some music... that you then can't escape from.  So nothing special yet, but it's progress at least.  Next up: Fending off the pig with this broomsti*MUNCH*
Projects / Re: OFF: Puppetmaster
Last post by scojin -
The project is a great idea and sounds like it's off to a great start. It'll be nice to see more games released using the new engine! Personally, to be able to view the code showing off all of the new capabilities would be very interesting. Best of luck!
Projects / Re: OFF: Puppetmaster
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
I've finished the title screen as well as the entire opening cutscene of the game--save for the name-entry screen so the player can enter his/her name.  This game plays with the fourth wall a bit so that screen is kind of important. :P

This being my maiden voyage of developing for Sphere v2 (Specs doesn't count as that was gradually ported from v1 as-needed and isn't even a full conversion), I have to say developing for the new engine is a joy.  The event loop is great, especially when combined with async-await, it's easy to coordinate concurrent actions and makes the engine very powerful as a result.  Many things that were very awkward to do with the v1 API are trivially easy with v2.  It's awesome.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
Here's a couple of screenshots from the introduction of my OFF remake.  @DaVince has actually seen it in action; I'll hopefully post a demo soon.
Projects / Re: OFF: Puppetmaster
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
So I was thinking about how, in the original game, there are enemies weak to different elements.  The problem was, you finished the game at around level 15 and didn't even get a chance to learn the techniques using them.  As a result you'd often run into spectres weak to some attack you didn't have and have to resort to boring normal attacks.  This, combined with enemies just being too squishy in general, made the combat as a whole very dull.  It was by far the weakest part of the game.

To solve this problem, I've come up with an idea that you can imbue your bat with different elements on-demand and take advantage of a weakness that way.  Any attack making physical contact would then inherit that element.  Furthermore spectres will be given more HP to ensure you can't get by just attacking normally; you will need to pay attention to weaknesses and adjust accordingly.

For those curious, the elements in OFF are rather bizarre, in keeping with its nature as a surrealist narrative.  They do map pretty closely to the "traditional" elements, though: smoke (air), metal (earth), plastic (water), meat (fire... I guess?)

Thinking about it, metal and plastic bats make sense, I guess "smoke" could be a wooden bat, but a baseball bat made out of meat doesn't sound very useful in combat?  Unless it's like, secretly a piece of ham on a bone or something.  That could work. :P