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Hellos and Byes / I have returned...
Props to anyone who gets the reference intended in the topic title...

Anyway long story short I went a while with no usable personal computer and so my Sphere activity dropped to nil; I've got a computer again (a beautiful macbook pro :) ) and I've remembered how fun Sphere stuff can be so I've come back.

If you check my other topic in the engine development board you'll see that I've successfully built miniSphere for MacOS sierra it took longer than I would have liked but oh well it works now :).

I've got an idea in my mind for an SRPG that I'd like to work on no idea if I'll complete the thing I've started writing the JS for some QTEs that I'd like to build into the combat system as a little warm up - so I'll see where it goes from there.

Somewhat surprised by how low my post count is, I guess all posts older than a certain amount were deleted at some point?

Also: special thanks to DaVince for helping me get back into my account.
Engine Development / miniSphere for Mac (with link)
So as some of you will be aware after a long absence I have returned.

I've built miniSphere 4.3.8 for MacOS Sierra. I've uploaded it to my google drive if anyone would like to test it:

1. I've included the license.txt that came with the miniSphere source I haven't checked this is right in light of all the dependencies etc if I've got this wrong and broken any rules please forgive me; this link is a temporary version for testing purposes I'll double check license texts etc later.
2. This is a test version it's the first programme I've compiled in at least a year, it works for me.... (It's meant to be statically linked and 100% self contained but I've had no way of testing that yet)
3. Known issues:
a) drawZoomedText doesn't work properly - it doesn't crash but it creates graphical anomalies on screen
b) it can't play mp3s (but this is apparently a wider miniSphere point)
4. Development notes; I made two changes to the source to make it work:
i). in utility.c starting from line 17 I inserted:
//macosx specific code - step back 3 levels from the unix executable to the OSX wrapper
#ifdef __APPLE__

ii) in dyad.c I changed the function panic to d_panic and renamed each time it was called - this was to avoid a clash with a function used by a Mac dependency of one of the dependencies
5. If anyone is interested I've got an xcode project I can share which was used to build this.

Sphere editor I'm not going to try and port an editor at the moment - I like the old sphere editor which runs comfortably on wine if you dump a copy of mfc42.dll into its folder (thanks to DaVince for telling me that's what I needed).

Original Sphere/Sphere 1.5/1.6: The download link for Sphere 1.6 for mac on the google drive - which is a compile I made some years ago will not run on modern Macs I had a quick look over it and it is leaning on a stack of deprecated system functions - I think fixing it would be a large project even if I could find the original xcode project (and I'm not sure I would be able to - the computer I used for that stuff is somewhat broken) - seeing as miniSphere works pretty well I think any development effort should focus on that.

I note also that the windows version of Sphere 1.5 runs ok under wine so this is also an option - it can run Aquatis for instance.