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Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Tiled Map Editor

It'd be possible to load Tiled maps directly in the new (JavaScript-based) map engine, since it could take advantage of the xml module.
Quick question - if the map engine is JS based would/could that result in a performance hit?
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere for Mac (with link)
On the path hack; you can use a unix executable with no wrapper on OSX but it's seriously discouraged and normally makes your command line prompt open when you open them - this isn't behaviour that an "average " (i.e. non-developer) OSX user would expect or understand. The pathhack is obviously not wanted for any non-Mac build; we could use a different #ifdef, I put in that one as it's one of the standard ones you always have when building on a Mac so I didn't have to add any extra compiler flags.

(I just tested kefka's revenge on my miniSphere build the start of it runs, the walk speed is super slow and then I got stuck inside a wall and couldn't move but I assume that's a problem in the game not the engine)
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere for Mac (with link)
Fat Cerberus: have you got any thoughts on the points above, particularly notes 3 and 4?
Hellos and Byes / Re: I have returned...

By the by if you want to maintain a macOS port that's fine--I don't have a Mac so I can't practically support the platform.  I don't know which build you compiled though; for now I recommend using the 4.3.8 release (Git tag v4.3.8) as the current git master is under heavy development and may have some things broken.

Edited my other topic to clarify - I used 4.3.8.
Hellos and Byes / Re: I have returned...

Spherical crashed back in... 2013 I think? and we lost everything.  The forums were pretty dormant for a while... then minisphere happened.  It's... still pretty dormant here... but at least we now have an awesome new engine to show for it? :P
Well... I'm back, when I first started using Sphere there were no significant projects to speak of, Flikky was updating the engine from time to time but no one was really making anything.

It grew a lot then it looks like it shrunk again after my departure - probably nothing to do with me but :P.

I'd be happy to take responsibility for ensuring all versions of miniSphere run on MacOS and I've also started work on a game no promises it will lead into anything - it's nothing more than a couple of functions that draw colourful circles at the moment but it's a start :)

Hopefully I can inject a bit more life around here.
Hellos and Byes / Re: I have returned...
Most of my activity would have been between 5 and 10 years ago; pretty sure my post count was in the 100s.
Hellos and Byes / I have returned...
Props to anyone who gets the reference intended in the topic title...

Anyway long story short I went a while with no usable personal computer and so my Sphere activity dropped to nil; I've got a computer again (a beautiful macbook pro :) ) and I've remembered how fun Sphere stuff can be so I've come back.

If you check my other topic in the engine development board you'll see that I've successfully built miniSphere for MacOS sierra it took longer than I would have liked but oh well it works now :).

I've got an idea in my mind for an SRPG that I'd like to work on no idea if I'll complete the thing I've started writing the JS for some QTEs that I'd like to build into the combat system as a little warm up - so I'll see where it goes from there.

Somewhat surprised by how low my post count is, I guess all posts older than a certain amount were deleted at some point?

Also: special thanks to DaVince for helping me get back into my account.
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 4.3.8
Can I ask what the idea behind Cell is? I never really liked the idea of spks  as I liked being able to see all the documents in my games and being able to use custom folder structures within them - maybe I was misunderstanding something but an spk didn't seem to add any value and potential made the above harder.

When I first saw mention of "the cell compiler" I thought this was going to be somehow compiling the JS to create massive optimisations but I assume a) I was wrong AND b) it's never going to do that?
Engine Development / miniSphere for Mac (with link)
So as some of you will be aware after a long absence I have returned.

I've built miniSphere 4.3.8 for MacOS Sierra. I've uploaded it to my google drive if anyone would like to test it:

1. I've included the license.txt that came with the miniSphere source I haven't checked this is right in light of all the dependencies etc if I've got this wrong and broken any rules please forgive me; this link is a temporary version for testing purposes I'll double check license texts etc later.
2. This is a test version it's the first programme I've compiled in at least a year, it works for me.... (It's meant to be statically linked and 100% self contained but I've had no way of testing that yet)
3. Known issues:
a) drawZoomedText doesn't work properly - it doesn't crash but it creates graphical anomalies on screen
b) it can't play mp3s (but this is apparently a wider miniSphere point)
4. Development notes; I made two changes to the source to make it work:
i). in utility.c starting from line 17 I inserted:
//macosx specific code - step back 3 levels from the unix executable to the OSX wrapper
#ifdef __APPLE__

ii) in dyad.c I changed the function panic to d_panic and renamed each time it was called - this was to avoid a clash with a function used by a Mac dependency of one of the dependencies
5. If anyone is interested I've got an xcode project I can share which was used to build this.

Sphere editor I'm not going to try and port an editor at the moment - I like the old sphere editor which runs comfortably on wine if you dump a copy of mfc42.dll into its folder (thanks to DaVince for telling me that's what I needed).

Original Sphere/Sphere 1.5/1.6: The download link for Sphere 1.6 for mac on the google drive - which is a compile I made some years ago will not run on modern Macs I had a quick look over it and it is leaning on a stack of deprecated system functions - I think fixing it would be a large project even if I could find the original xcode project (and I'm not sure I would be able to - the computer I used for that stuff is somewhat broken) - seeing as miniSphere works pretty well I think any development effort should focus on that.

I note also that the windows version of Sphere 1.5 runs ok under wine so this is also an option - it can run Aquatis for instance.
Engine Development / Re: Sphere 1.5, 1.6 beta
Couple of points:

The "old" mac video driver was heavily SDL dependent how is your SDL implementation? Also it was designed to be compiled desperately to the engine app like the windows drivers. (There was then a configuration app as it had various settings)

The endian issues are all addressed when loading resources so you need to look at the code that opens an image or a spriteset etc not the video driver code.

If endian issues are your only problem graphics primaries should work fine so you could try looking at those to see if that's the issue.

Also if it is just an endian matter assuming you've got the latest version of my code you should just need to change a compiler flag, the source shouldn't need any changes.

EDIT: Also I feel obliged to mention that I have an Xcode project for all the dependencies (other than wx and SDL) and then the config, the video drivers and the engine itself I'll try and get it across to one of you shortly. Obviously it's for osx 10.5 so maybe a bit outdated but fundamentally should work.

Thing that should be changed before taking it forward to release is migrating it to a newer version of JS it still uses the old 1.5

EDIT2: looks like it still builds as well except the config tool as I've deleted the version of wxMac it needs (can't re-acquire as this machine has no internet connection) going to clean it a bit then at some point in the next couple of weeks will get it on a memory stick and then to email via a different computer.
Engine Development / Re: Sphere for Mac: Andromeda
I'd have to buy a flash drive then use a friends computer to email it. I might do at some point but it won't be soon.

The reason for the project not compiling seems to be two fold:

a) loads of hard coded locations for dependencies (and I've moved stuff around)

b) at least one dependency I deleted to save disk space... :(

Also I've looked it over and it may not have some of the features 1.5 should have as I think it still uses JS 1.5.
To the original question my final version wanted the frameworks in a folder called frameworks in the same directory as the app, not inside the package or installed anywhere else. There were earlier versions that wanted them in your user's library folder.

That said I'm not aware of it being tested on anything newer than Neo's snow leopard MacBook, so it may just break on newer machines.
Engine Development / Re: Sphere 1.5, 1.6 beta
That weird yellow shifted screenshot looks the way my first compiles of sphere for mac looked before I was helped with getting the endian swaps right.

Are you using any of my old source and somewhere setting the big endian flag?
Engine Development / Re: Sphere for Mac: Andromeda
Yes double posting... But significant change to previous post.

I have 1.6 running on my old PPC mac.

Can't remember when I compiled it successfully or what dirty hacks I did to the source to make it work, it must have been years ago.

The binary is universal so should run on Intel.

Said mac has no internet connection anymore though so I can't think of a way to distribute it.

Did I really not share it with anyone way back when?

I've also just found what I think is the Xcode project I used to compile it, but it throws a 1000 errors if I click compile now... :(
Engine Development / Re: Sphere for Mac: Andromeda
Just a note on the mention of what happened with 1.6 and osx I believe the issue was that 1.6 depended on a newer version of spider monkey which was not PPC compatible at all some of its source was actually in assembler if I recall correctly and I didn't have the knowledge to even know where to start porting that (well the starting point would have been to spend months studying...) I'm sure an intel mac port of 1.6 wouldn't be too tricky but:

I still only have a PPC Mac and so can't help with newer versions. (I have a work computer I'm not allowed to install my own programs on but that otherwise does everything I need hence buying a new computer would be for fun/hobby purposes only and it's a lot of cash for such)