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Script Support / Re: Confusing issue
Nevermind, its my cloning function elsewhere in the script. Its not copying the properties aparrently

Anyone got a clone function they would like to share (Deep cloning)
Script Support / Confusing issue
Ok so as an example you have a function like this
Code: (javascript) [Select]

function fadeObject(colour, time)
  this.time = time;
  this.newMask =;
  this.oldMask = CreateColor(0, 0, 0, 0);
  this.flagged = true;
  this.destroy = false;
  this.fadeTime = time;
  this.fadeCount = 1;
  this.fadeColourDifference = {}; = ( - / this.fadeTime; = ( - / this.fadeTime; = ( - / this.fadeTime;
  this.fadeColourDifference.alpha = (this.newMask.alpha - this.oldMask.alpha) / this.fadeTime ;

The Abort returns "0" just as it should, yet :
Code: (javascript) [Select] = ( - / this.fadeTime;

returns that this.newMask has no properties?

It definatly DOES have properties as if I Abort and check ANY of those properties they are there and the object itself returns as a color object???

Im trying to pass a color between a few functions including as a property in a object created within on of those functions so this is frustrating as I don't wanna use the global scope

(edit - code tags fixed ~neo)
Hellos and Byes / Hi again
Hey guys,

Glad to see the forums are all back and running. Ive been lurking the last few weeks but was very busy with work.

The Final Fantasy VI SDK is still coming along (man its been years now). Still not quite back where I was but still going smoothly.

Looking forward to writing it in TurboSphere in the future so COMON FLYING JESTER YEAH! lol
Engine Development / Re: TurboSphere
Does the OpenGL plugin for TS fix the off-by-one errors in 2X scaling mode? That's my only issue with it in 1.5, it causes one-pixel gaps to appear between adjacent objects.

I noticed no-one answered this. Im pretty certain Kyuu fixed this at my request. He sent me a new .dll for it. I lost it a while back and someone posted another copy and im pretty certain im using it now on this PC so we can post it up here

It might be this one?

** EDIT ** and why am I a "newbie" lol

** FURTHER ** I was gonna say if you need PCs/Laptops to test on I have a bunch here.

PC on XP - pretty old, still has a parallel port which has been very useful for me
PC on Win 7 - About 4 years old - on AMD graphics
PC on Win 8 - 3 months old on Nvidea
Laptop on XP - Also about 7 years old ATI Radeon I think
Laptop on Win 8 - 2 years old on ATI Radeon

My friend and step dad have various Linux distributions also
I just had to, in order to get all the gear so I could reverse engineer it. Fab game, but short :)

I thought id work on the animation mechanics now but man theres so many animations and causes for them! wow...
I sorta got it now.

For now I am not using drag, my internet search told me that was the best way to decide a max speed but upon further thinking maybe just capping the speed would be easier?

Using my current method I am finding it pretty hard to define how high you can jump, but ill get it soon. Having the a factor for speed that's affected by another factor of gravity means its not a simple as jump(number_pixels)

thought id through in a pic (I have mapped this area but had some layers invisible)

Yeah that's right

I got this so far :
Code: (javascript) [Select]

const gravity = 1000;
const dt = 1 / 60;
function gravityEngine()
  for (var i = 0; i < entities.length;  i++)
    // we still need to check collision
    entities[i].vSpeed = entities[i].vSpeed + (gravity - entities[i].drag) * dt;
    if (drag < gravity) entities[i].drag *= 2;
    entities[i].y = entities[i].y + entities[i].vSpeed * dt;

Somethings not right though. I been watching a sprite bouncing up and down trying to get it right for hours now lol
Sphere Support / Super Metroid 2d physics/gravity
Hey guys,

Firstly, I am so glad we have the forums back (Although unfortunately this site is blocked on my work PC... wasn't :( ) !

Now I move onto my question.

I decided I wanted to learn how 2d sidescrollers work. Specifically Super Metroid for the SNES.

Now I tried figuring it for myself and movement just seemed odd? So I spent a few hours researching on the net although I found some help it was hard to find anything fit-for-purpose.

Again I got close but odd movement, and it didn't seem adaptable at all.

I really wanna keep the floaty-ness of super Metroid, but also for collision I need a way to be more precise with collision (In Metroid your current sprite frames height is taken into consideration, im guessing at least when you consider the morphball)

Can anyone get me started?