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Once I get home, sure :)

You should call it Smac!)

I really like this! And if you make it cross platform. Smac for Linux, Smac for Windows

I like that a lot :) (DaVince always has the best ideas)
Would I be right in thinking Isomorphic, Is 2d images converted to the Isometric perspective?

If that is the case, Is there a chance we could have both?

Alot of people reuse old resources, I have a lot of Isometric stuff, would prefer it not to be redundant  :)
Hellos and Byes / Re: I say Hello, you say...
As far as I can tell, I am speaking to just a couple of people here: Radnen, Flying Jester, NEO, Mooch, DaVince and Lord English.

And Harry Bo! (I go quiet from time to time, but I am always lurking here :))

Welcome to sphere dude, sounds like you will fit in great!
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: What's your day job?
I work as a Fraud Prevention agent for a number of banks

In fact our latest client realtes to an American Bank. G-Commerce. Apparenly the guy who made it, sold it, now has come over to the UK to start the new improved METRO BANK lol

Before that I was manager of a pub, got outta that thankfully
Kyuu fixed the .dll for OpenGL to fix the offset a long time ago when I started a topic. I have it on my PC at home
The spriteset window is kinda like a clipboard, you create and store all of your inages here, imagine they are asigned an index.

So from left to right is 0, 1, 2, 3 etc

So in the spriteset sheet, you arrange these images into patterns which give the desired effect, eg, left leg out, standing, right leg out, standing etc

So for north you might have these images in this order eg:

North - 0, 1, 0, 2 (this would be image 0, then image 1, then image 0, then image 2, then loop

Just remember to arrange each directions graphics, sometimes you end up messing with a particular frame while editing, I know i do, and dont spot it until im wandering around a map

The only other thig i could recommend is to look at the spritesheets in other games, Kefkas revenge is very well done although slightly missalligned
Spherical News / Re: So i was recovering data
That sounds like the games that come with the 1.5 installer.

Rpg 0.05
Rpg 0.01

I specifically remember being in there
Map/Tileset Support / Re: Programming a map animation
If im right in what you want he finished product to look like, it sounds like ou would need some kind of array storing nodes (co-ords). Use MapToScreen() to connect the nodes with lines.

To avoid literally every node connecting (to allow for mutliple instances) you would need multiple arrays or some kind of check to run

P.S I am finding it very hard to read your posts, make sure to break it up with paragraphs and post example code

**EXTRA** dont forget to check out the API within sphere. It looked confusing to me at first, but if you do a couple of basic projects just to see how different functions work you will pick up a lot very quickly.

Link for Arrays -

***EDIT*** looking at you code behnd the picture, you are setting the X,Y for the lines, therefore they will ALWAYS appear there, they are done via screen co-ords so will not support scrolling the map and they dissapear as the code is run up to GETKEY() and no further. When you hit the key it drops the above code, you need update and render functions and some kind of variable storage
Just thought id follow up on this. I did try replacing all the ram, made no difference. A lot of wasted money there

The card still does not work properly.

Everytime I restart the PC (usually because windows MAKES me to finish updates or things I just installed) the graphics card fails. The PC tries to start but it cant.

So I have to pull the whole unit out, connect a monitor to the onboard graphics and restart

Then I get the usual "Please wait while we try to repair your PC" message. This obviously returns "unable to resolve problem"

I have to restart again, boot all the way into windows. Shut the PC down again. Swap the monitor back over and boot up again (And this does not ALWAYS work, therefore I have to repeat the steps)

Strange thing though. I have 3 monitors, if I leave the other two plugged in while I do this, they infact DO turn on. I thought you couldn't run the graphics card and onboard at the same time?

Saying that though, this is temper mental too. I thought of just connecting one of the monitors to it and leaving it there. But sometimes THAT screen doesn't turn on? Its plugged in now and not working, yet when I went to work it was?

So after that horrible technician telling me that I just didn't know what I was doing, apparently she doesn't either

then I read about the retailer...

PC World has attracted criticism in a number of areas. Common complaints include:
Failure to honour statutory responsibilities under the Sale of Goods Act (see controversies below)
Promotion of goods with misleading or incorrect information (see false advertising below)
Promotion of extended warranties (also known as insurance and support packages)[3]
Customers are required to use out-sourced, local rate telephone support for hardware issues or premium rate telephone lines (£1/minute, except for set-up which is 75p/minute) for software issues, unless an extended warranty has been purchased[4][5]
Overcharging for repairs and lack of technical competence among technicians from seven sampled stores[6]

In 2005, a Which? survey ranked PC World joint last for customer satisfaction.[7] In 2006 PC World attempted to get away from its reputation for having sales staff on up to 20% commission who would therefore use high pressure sales tactics with its "One Team" marketing campaign.[8] This involved adverts in major newspapers claiming staff no longer received commission, however this claim is misleading. Staff now receive a bonus based on the performance of the entire store as a whole (up to £200[citation needed]), meaning that pay is still linked to performance. The bonus is also based on other non-monetary metrics, such as customer satisfaction. To compensate the 275 highest earners under the old scheme for reduced bonuses, their basic pay was raised by 16% from around £11,000 to around £13,000 per year.[9]

In response to the perception that PC World staff are often young and lacking in knowledge and communications skills, in 2007 a set of e-learning courses called "The Power of Knowledge" were completed by 6,000 staff[10] and the results were incorporated into their Christmas bonuses as an incentive for staff to improve their knowledge.

In January 2008 a survey for Which? revealed that PC World was ranked in the bottom ten retailers in the UK.[11]

I really don't understand why this acts in such a manner. Im thinking im gonna have to take it to a professional but they have quoted £150! (like $200)

Any advice guys? Im clearly not gonna be able to sort it myself, Im not confident the people at the store have the brain capacity either. Im totally stumped. PC was only bought in February. I am seriously thinking about demanding a return but the unit DOES function without this graphics card. Despite me being very clear with the staff at sale that I NEEDED to upgrade that particular feature as it was subpar...

They told me "no problem, pop any card from the store in and it will go straight away, loading up the windows graphics drivers until you could install the nvidea ones"
Sphere General / Re: Game Success
I just like showing off :)
So to get things straight, does it boot when you're just using IGP?

If IGP is "Internal" (onboard) Graphics then Yes. Otherwise Im not sure what that is.

I actually had something similar happen to me with faulty RAM.

Y'know, Ive had a few different people mention random faults with their PCs that evidently were caused by the Ram. Its odd. On that note though the PC was only bought in February so I would hope not...

One thing I would like to note about that message is that the only consequence was my game crashed.

Still turned on, still working, same resolution, still plugged into the graphics card. Just crashed Batman

Bad drivers perhaps? I find that doubtful given the situation. Is it a new model of card? Perhaps you need different drivers to properly go with the UEFI flash? Perhaps the UEFI flash only works right with certain driver revisions?
I did reinstall the drivers. I was really worried about doing it incase I "undid" whatever they did at the shop. Sweating all the way through...

PCIe cards just need one or two thumb screws near the edge that attach it to the case. There's no screws or anything that attach it to the motherboard itself, just the plastic PCIe clip.
No, not the motherboard, but there should be a screw into the case. There is usually a metal cover that fit over all 4 spaces on the back that would hold the cards in. With one screw onto the case itself.

Unfortunatly the shape of the graphics card prevented me from using that. Take it off... Then there are 4 screw holes for the four corresponding card spaces, as well as lining up with the "grove" on the cards themselves. So its defiantly meant to be there. Otherwise if you plug your monitor in too hard your gonna knock it right? Hell I noticed and im pretty gentle

Perhaps the UEFI flash only works right with certain driver revisions?
I like this idea. Im not fond of work-arounds. They can have limitations
Ha now i get this. Nothing was removed and it worked again literally seconds later.

Just popped up randomly
still for a beginner to have 50 scripts? How big is the project?

Whole scripts of objects?

That doesnt sound right...

If found the article through google. "javascript optimisation" or something like that. I had a look when some folk were talking about it. Unfortunatly the old forums are gone...
This is worrying information...