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Some of the info is already old, they're apparently leaving DRM up to the publisher which also means they can leave it up to them if they want a special code downloaded to play the game on one system.
The same applies to the PS4 as well.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: The New Mac Pro
Sure you can connect studio monitors, sure you got mini displayport, but what about software that requires specialty hardware that requires a freaking pci-e slot!
This is WAY to radical and closed for any sort of upgrades, I get the imac but this is the freaking desktop.

Just open up your OS and let people build there own macs for christ sake if this is how you're going to treat your pro customers with a very closed system. 
What socket is the CPU? Have you checked to see if it's the CPU and motherboard?   Are there any loose connections?
Personally I'd build a new PC as it sounds like you have some seriously faulty hardware.
Get an 850 platinum or gold rating power supply, not enough power.
Engine Development / Re: Yet another sphere engine
Have you started a topic at the SFML forums?
There really is no such thing as cheap internet, cheap means low bandwidth and speed.

Is it not? I didn't know that.

I don't know, maybe it's just the fact that I grew up and still live in areas with bad internet (the absolute fastest I can get here, and it would cost a king's ransom, is 1200 kbps), but anything that undermines the old fashioned idea of playing games in the same room as the other players and sharing games (and needing internet for anything falls under that to me) rubs me the wrong way. Even just the integration of the PSN and XBox Live respectively makes me unhappy.

It's probably just that I see anything like that as a step towards the dystopian future of consoles that I've felt coming for a very long time. More internet appliances than game machines. So I probably see all the new consoles in a much worse light that is warranted.

Live in a rural area?  The fastest speeds nationwide is 100MBPS but there are locations where you can subscribe to 1GBPS at a $225/mo price tag.    The online thing doesn't bother me nor does used games as I generally buy them new anyway.  + it's nice to have a 100MBPS connection, it's speedy.

I actually have 120MBPS according to speedtest.
Hellos and Byes / Re: Hi again

Hey guys,

Glad to see the forums are all back and running. Ive been lurking the last few weeks but was very busy with work.

The Final Fantasy VI SDK is still coming along (man its been years now). Still not quite back where I was but still going smoothly.

Looking forward to writing it in TurboSphere in the future so COMON FLYING JESTER YEAH! lol

Welcome back, for the world map use a 2D affine transformation and some basic trigonometry and you should be good to go, you may want to cycle through images so it appears as it's animated.  It's what I did and works alright just remember to write down the X/Y for each location...
Sphere General / Where should Sphere compete?
"I will be using turbo-sphere for all intents and purposes for this topic, thank you!"

Sphere is a nice toolkit, for basic 2D games and limited in the department of effects that can be done so competing against current versions of Game Maker, or RPG Maker is silly (for effects and gfx) but the core of the game should always be doable on any system so let's focus on that.

Sphere is ancient, turbosphere is using Google v8 which I have yet to look over as I thought of writing a javascript extension for game maker (I'm beginning to like js) and improves on the current api, I did manage replicate mode7 across the board wit 2D engines using the formula that's on Wikipedia and performance is doable but I'm using static images not data from map files, tried taking a screenshot of the map every 2-3 frames impacted performance on sphere heavily.. but barely impacted on Unity and Game Maker studio (I've hated GML for awhile now but man, for snes console rpgs it's perfect for that task).

I've also tried particles in sphere and at the end of the day kinda gave up because performance is horrible...   I really think sphere needs a brand new base not just forking the project and a modern UI (dark gray is perfect as I work on games at night as I have a life... not. I just can't work under the sun).

I really think OpenGL + SFML would be a nice start and a breath of fresh air and implementing the current api into a modern engine should be cleaner as my jaw pretty much dropped to the floor after looking at the source (not a good thing).
I'm purchasing both the xbox one and ps4 at launch, already have 5 games pre-ordered for both consoles. 
I'll reserve my review and thoughts when I get them.
Engine Development / Re: TurboSphere

Without any knowledge of what it looks like on Mac (this might in fact be bad advice for OS X), I personally recommend GCC. Both TurboSphere and V8 compile quite well with it, and with pretty much any version of it (from 3.5 all the way to 4.5, at least I've tested those).

What version of GCC are you using? The latest is GCC 4.8 which supports C++11 and other improvements.

I'm just curious, how well does turbo support 2.5D?  I generally would just use Unity for this but I'm just not a fan of C# or boo(even though I love python).
I personally do not think this is a good idea, unless you're talking about sphere 2.0, sphere is ancient.
If you want to develop games for the web try out stencyl, wait for 3.0 though as Haxe will be the default language. 
Hellos and Byes / I'm Here
I was eventually bound to show up sooner or later, so whatsup?  Anything new towards Sphere 2.0?