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So... MV has been out for a while and I've written some code for it, so I can talk a bit about how it works:

Basically, they tried to implement ruby inside javascript.
Everything is added to the prototype;

Plugins are replacing existing methods to simulate Ruby's aliases:

Code: [Select]
  //Updates Game_Temp.prototype.setDestination to only be executed when the player has no destination set on itself
  var oldGameTemp_setDestination = Game_Temp.prototype.setDestination;
  Game_Temp.prototype.setDestination = function(x, y) {
    if ($gamePlayer._xDestination === undefined && $gamePlayer._destinationCharacter === undefined && $gamePlayer._yDestination === undefined) {, x, y);

They kept all classes and methods from Rpg Maker Vx Ace with basically the same name, just changing snake_case for camelCase.
The whole thing runs on a lot of open source projects: The rendering is managed by and old version of Pixi.js (the new version came out just a few weeks before MV). The windows and mac run on node.js. The mobile export is just a manual explaining how to use open source tools to turn your html5 game into an app.

Debugging is finally possible, thanks to node.js (or your browser's development tools if you use it).

The whole editor is completely unnecessary if you know how to write JS code, except for drawing maps (although you can use tiled map editor for that).
While stable 60fps is achievable, performance is still nowhere near Sphere level.

Every single line of code is now visible, so the community has already started writing deep changes to it.
I feel like this might be the last version of RM as we know it, because the community can do much more for it than the 2 programmers that made it.

Here's the link to my github, with some plugins written for it:
Obviously bumping my own topic but thought I'd update what's happened with MV since the launch.
It's currently at 1.5x version they've also opened up an OSS project "Remember the XP standards project over a decade ago?" 
I would still say performance probably isn't as good as sphere, also it seems to be a pain in the arse to do an action-rpg in MV... I mean seriously, I could for the most part write Zelda ALTTP *base in 2 weeks or less, actually even less in Unity :)

The good thing is the RPG stuff is actually open and if you wanted could bring that over to Sphere (menu's/battle system).  
I idea, was mixing up stuff and just came to Rukiri.
Site Comments / Re: Idea: forum migration?
Xenforo is pretty good :)
Place looks modern, I like it :p
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Windows 10
I upgraded day 1, no issues for me!

You should be able to import external libraries to a certain degree, so you probably can use tiled to create your maps instead of the built in editor.
Tile Size was bumped from 32x32 to 48x48, but there's a plugin that will allow you to use 32x32 or 16x16 tile resources.

It also uses javascript, no word on which implementation though but a good guess is ECMAScript 5. 

It also has Mobile (iOS and Android) and Mac support as well as Windows! No Linux sadly even as a target... but there is a html5 target though.
Engine Development / Re: Sphere SFML v0.90
I don't post here often, just came to say hi!

Nice work on modernizing sphere, but now that it has sphere 1.5 features wouldn't it be best to move onto other "new" features that have been talked about oh since 2003 but never added?
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread

It would be nice if you could adapt the window height to the amount of text that's there. There's some space being wasted on the screen right now! ;)

I used to just do  screenheight and screenwidth and just minus the pixels until it looked right.
yea gotta agree that is once HUGE textbox...
Hellos and Byes / Re: Hello!
I still can't believe it's been 10 years since I've heard of sphere, where does the time go? what will I be doing when I'm  60 saying where did the time go? and then that funeral.. I'll defiantly be saying it them .

Welcome back man.
still sounds like you don't have enough power or the gfx card itself is damaged.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Tiny Help with Anvil
Last time I used anvil was in 2001 and again in 2003-2005 than I started using prof software like logic and cubase.

anvil isn't that great the sound was always distorted...
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: The New Mac Pro
The hardware is perfectly fine and I believe they'll be using the next lineup for the Fire Pro series, even a 7990 would last for visuals anyway up to 5 years, now if you only spend $3-4K every 5 years the price point is actually feasible and very reasonable.

But looking at the I/O they may be using a dual gfx chip design instead of 2 gpu's in crossfire.

It's also noted they are betting on external sound cards as let's face it, external sound cards will perform a lot better than dedicated pci-e slot cards.  

I also like they're not using mini-display port even though thunderbolt is technically mini-dp plus it can be used for storage as well and I'm surprised they didn't wait for hdmi 2.0...  considering 1.4 doesn't really support 4k naitivly but display port does and mini is just will mini..

Don't understand the obsession, as I'm very open to whatever comes down the pipeline to tell the truth.
If I hate, I don't buy it. And if I want it really bad, I'll try to make it, within the realms of possibility.
Really these publishing companies are essentially becoming Hollywood.
Solely my observations here, so feel free to take with a grain of salt.

Dive off into the world of film, and most critics will tell you that classics will always be more innovative and superior to the majority of that's produced nowadays.
The exact same goes for the world of gaming, where we are now presently is akin to the world of film in modern day, which is selling and producing franchises.
Both industries have become a realm of risk investment agencies, where they trade and dump cash into whatever is presumed to earn them the most profit.
(SideNote: EA, Ubisoft, Blizzard, among others are icons for publicly traded companies)

With new products gaining momentum within their own little world, they'll attempt to restylize and copy it.
For example: ESV-Skyrim. Almost every publishing company in the gaming business is looking to release the next open world RPG.
It's like our comic book phenomenon. Not only do we now have the technology with the capability to do so,
but with the amazing sales release, everyone agrees that open-world and sandbox gaming is where the risk is worth the investment.

[REASON OF ABSENCE: Facts of the Market]
For many, there's recognition of a low dosage in quality and quantity for the Turn-Based genre of RPG gaming.
Final Fantasy has gone Anime-crazy (another industry solely lacking today) and is now throwing its chips into Action gaming,
while other valued franchises like Chrono Trigger have been remaining absent for years now.

One example of Turn-Based gaming not dying however, but just remaining out of the spotlight, is Pokemon.
A franchise built around and chokes itself with Turn-based gaming that is still celebrated to this day in some extent.
This has to do more so with Nintendo and their shining example of reluctance in altering their franchises out of risk investment.
They've gained a reputation for these games (Mario, Smash Bros, etc) that now they want to milk the cow until its utters give out.
The reason for the absence and diminishing existence of Turn-based rpgs in the corporate world is because of the risk investment.
With Final Fantasy (Turn-Based gaming's most cherished icon) losing money due to their stupendous amount of stupidness in gambling on low quality MMORPGs betting their reputation will uphold its profit margin (competing with Blizzard's WOW), and pooling ridiculous dollars into a failed FF13 package hoping it would be the next FF7 with fanservice, I think its safe to say that the market reflects itself.
That until a quality Turn-Based Rpg arrives to revamp the scene, no one is going to want to risk their investments on making the next TB-RPG.

[HONEST CONCLUSION: A Marketing Philosophy]
As for your point about this:
us indies have the opportunity to turn junk to gold with new innovative ways to mix turn-based combat with engaging game-play or something fresh. People are getting bored with button-smash, God of War cut scene, "same old schema game-play" and Corporate always follow the Indies, we are the pioneers that get less pay and code in our bedrooms at 3 AM but we do it out of love and respect for video-games.

It's the same for the movie industry.
Indies try to come up with something innovative, fun, and fresh while Big Business attempt to thrive on the success of their ventures.
That philosophy goes for lots of starups/private vs Big-Business/public companies.
The lack of realization is that Gaming has now gained enough attraction to begin competing on the entertainment market amongst Hollywood companies and etc.
Microsoft recognizes this, and it's the sole purposes for their "Watching TV on your TV" feature for the new XBox, along with Netflix for the PS4 and PS3.
Most nostalgia for 90's gaming seems to glance over the fact that these companies were small and doing all kinds of risk investments to remain in the market, much like the 50's-70's era for film.

Just my two cents on the matter.
So if you feel there's a lack of Turn-Based RPGs being produced,
it's up to you to make them or wait for the next person to create them.
The way that I see it.

[Edit:] Broken rant up into parts for readability. :p

Pokemon X/Y may be real time due to the fact 3D is now in play, even though Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 should have done this but thy were aiming at being 3D versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal.  I think battle stadium was stadium 3 but that was never confirmed.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Game Dev Tycoon
Oh friggin gosh this game is fun! I mean I've spent entire weekends on this game!!!   Funny though that I've never beat it... I get lucky with a few games and get to LV 2 but after that my success just drops the ball...
Engine Development / Re: Sphere SFML v0.75alpha
I dunno... since you're porting sphere to the sfml library you'd think you would re-program the map and surface portion of sphere as well that was the absolute weakest point in sphere for me.

Since it's using sfml(I like sfml) are you allowing opengl for some 3d stuff and particle effects?  If not I don't quite get the point of sfml-sphere...