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Sphere General / Re: What is SFXR?
Wow, I have not looked into SoundStream, but that sounds rad!
whoa, a whole re-implementation like that! Lot's of code, man!
Sphere General / Re: What is SFXR?
Sorry for the lateness:
I took the code (with the blessings of the author) from
And wrote an API for it for Sphere 1.6.
It was working, stable and tested.

There was a demo games/ and some unittests for it games/auto_test/scripts/test_sfxr.js
Are those resources needed?
If so, where can I upload them?
Hellos and Byes / Happy 2019!
Hello community! I hope each and everyone of you have a very fantabulous 2019!
Projects / Re: Project ZeC (My Zelda-esque Clone)
@Miscreant Did you manage to screenshot your overworld by snapshotting your maps and resizing them? I have made something once that could do that, so I can polish it a bit if you need it.
It was based off Flik's minimap.js. Basically it loads the map, moves every sprite to -64,-64 (so they are not visible) then creates a surface which is resized and saved to disk. Stitching of the thumbnail maps is a manual labour, but by choosing a good naming scheme, could be automated.

And I too, as I use Linux, did not really migrate yet to the new MiniSphere (I use the old one instead)... But it seems there is a new Linux build, so I might be able to get it to compile again... not sure.
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 4.6.0
I really got to begin making time for my game... sigh. Anyways, thanks F.C. for continuing support.
*crosses fingers*
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 4.4.4
Thanks! Will take it for a spin.
Hellos and Byes / Re: I have returned...
Hiya Rhuan!
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 4.0.1
downloaded. Will test it in the afternoons...
Reminds me of this other debugger:

Congrats... hard to find bugs take a while to find... thanks for your time!
Hi zechs! Were you able to get minisphere working?
I'll drink to that! Can't wait...
Editor Development / Re: Radnen's Sphere Studio v1.2.0
hey nice! downloading later (I am on my break, but supposed to be working)
Hellos and Byes / Re: Hi! :D
Hi Sprite.
When you outline your story, you will need some sprites too. Have you thought about the sizes? 16x32, 32x32 or 32x64? You will also need tiles to define your work. Making them is a tricky business, you can better download tilesets and change them than create them from scratch.
Do you think about RPG style, or just a nice background and then moving your images across? With some text and emoticons? 

Tell us more!
Engine Development / Re: minisphere 2.1.6
.. nice...

I managed to finally compile minisphere, but only after using  (but I also removed all allegro libs from my debian, breaking allegro games, then make installed the new version)
I noticed that --game is not an option anymore, and I couldn't see why in the git log's, so I assume it is a bug?

Code: [Select]
fbnil@convoy$ strings msphere.20150610 |grep ^-- |sort >a ; strings msphere|grep ^-- |sort >b;diff a b
> --debug
< --game
< --windowed
> --version
> --window

fbnil@convoy$ comm a b