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Sphere Support / Player Movement Systems...

2 maps:
First is top down view, tile based movement system
Second is a side scroller, non-tile based system

Would it possible to create two different player movement systems and switch between them based upon the map the player is currently on?

If so, would it be as simple as, maybe using an if conditional to SetUpdateScript or might the two different movement systems cause glitches & movement bugs to occur?

Spriteset Support / Spriteset Directions
From my understanding, a spiteset has the 8 cardinal directions (n, ne, e, se, s, sw, w, nw) and each direction has a max of 8 image frames.  You can create other "directions" in a spriteset such as idle, battle, cast etc...

From my own usage, my Armos statues have the directions plus 10 others all named after the different color versions (Red, Green, White, Black, Gold, etc...)

With my Armos, to determine the color sets, I use SetPersonDirection("Armos", "red");  as an example.

My Link sprite has 9. The 8 directionals and one other for item and Triforce collection. You know, the classic Link faces the player and holds the item above his head. It is currently set as "collect". I've tried a variety of different names thinking "is there a typo? is it lowercase or capitalized?"

I'm coding the final room of level 1, where the Triforce piece is located. The Triforce is also a spriteset, 4 directions (n,s,e,w), 3 images per direction (making it flash). I have it set "On Touch" to SetPersonDirection(MainChar, "collect");

When I go to test it, I walk up to the Triforce and it does nothing. I got to thinking that maybe, MainChar was still moving, so I placed a DetachInput(MainChar); before the SetPersonDirection. Walk up to the Triforce piece to collect it and the character stops walking, no input at all but still won't update the directional to "collect."

I really can't figure out why that would be when I use similar methods with other spritesets and directions that aren't one of the cardinals, like the Red, Green, White....

Any ideas what might be causing this?
Sphere General / Surfaces
Quote from: DaVince
you can create a little Sphere game that draws the whole map to a Surface object, and then save that Surface out to an image file.

Any good tutorials for using surfaces with sphere 1.5?
Script Support / GetVersion Question
I've come across some parts of my code that function in Sphere 1.5 and do not function in miniSphere.

I'm trying to get the code to function in both. I thought that maybe if I added in the GetVersion it would make the code functional again. However, since I added in the GetVersion part var CurrMap is returning as undefined in both Sphere & miniSphere.

Perhaps this is not the way GetVersion functions?

Code: [Select]
var GCM = GetCurrentMap();
var GCM_S = GCM.split("/");
var GCM_SA;
var CurrMap;

if (GetVersion() < 2.0)
GCM_SA = GCM_S[1];
GCM_SA = GCM_S[3];

CurrMap = GCM_SA.slice(0, -4);
Font Support / ZeC: Fonts
I have a lengthy message in ZeC that I am trying to keep within the borders of the message box. As you can see from the screencaps only 1 font comes close without having to resize the box. Might anyone know of some other fonts that might function as intended?
Script Support / GetPersonDirection??
I'm trying to get my bombs functioning properly. The function is bound to key B for Bombs (for now). The function is not updating the person direction. No matter which direction the player is facing it returns the value of North. Any ideas why this might be?
Sphere Support / Sphere 1.5 vs miniSphere
I wrote this simple function to Activate the armos statues. If you bump into one it comes to life and moves around the screen.

In Sphere 1.5: You walk into a statue, it comes to life and moves around the screen.

In miniSphere: You walk into a statue, it comes to life and moves around the screen. If the now activated statue touches another statue, that statue comes to life and moves around.

In Sphere 1.5 that does not occur. if a statue touches another statue that statue does not come to life.
Script Support / BindKey()
BindKey(KEY_F1, "DebugXY()", "");  returns player x, y
BindKey(KEY_F2, "DebugLayer()", ""); returns what layer the player is on
BindKey(KEY_F3, "DebugCharacter()", ""); returns the list of what the  game variables are currently set at

I can press F1 & F2 as many times as I'd like and the function runs. I press F3, the function runs once and only once. I don't understand why or what would be causing it to stop functioning after only one run through.

All 3 debuging functions are a message box using fademessage.js.

As you can see from the code, the only difference is the length of the strings. It is perplexing to me because F1 & F2 function repeatedly but F3 does not.
I've been developing a Character Creation Model (attached). The code does function properly. It is just the this.CharClass seems a little too if heavy. The attached code only has 4 Character Classes defined in it (early version). Overall there are 15 different classes. 7 different types of spellcasters alone. If i were to add all 15 classes the way it is now that would be a huge chunk of if statements. Might anybody have some suggestions on a way to simplify this without having to use so many if statements?
Projects / Project ZeC (My Zelda-esque Clone)
Unofficially called Zelda-esque Clone (ZeC).

Currently in development since May '17.

100% Fan Made Game. Made mostly from Legend of Zelda Sprite. Very few original designs in the Tileset. Original Tileset copyrighted to Nintendo.
(Just stating. I've seen screenshots of Kefka's revenge so i don't really think the sphere community would have a problem with a zelda game)

In ZeC, the land of Hyrule is very much different than the original Legend of Zelda (LoZ). Many centuries have passed. Mountains fall and rise, rivers divert, lakes dry up. An entire landscape can become totally unrecoginizable over hundreds and hundreds of years. The "Lost Woods" & "Lost Hills" do still exist but are not in there original locations, nor is the passage through them the same as in LoZ.

The attached image is the overworld. I welcome input and thoughts. I am unhappy with the way my overworld map is displaying (all the erronious line data between some map segments. I'm currently collaboratting with a friend who does Graphic Design to eliminate that issue.) As you can see from the image the overall scope of the game is pretty immense. I currently have 2 world maps (composed of a total of 112 Sphere Maps(EPIC project undertaking)). The overworld and the Underworld. While the Overworld map is complete, the Underworld still needs some creation. I will also need to design the 8 levels where the Triforce fragments are. Not included on the Overworld map is the Hyrulian Palace.  I've taken a small break from map creation to implement coding.

The player can currently walk around the world, collect items, step off one of the docks and ride a raft (if you have it). "Talk" to the headstones in the cemeteries. In keeping with tradition of the original Final Fantasy, one random headstone reads "Here lies Erdrick". I am currently implenting the bomb functions...

**Note: The Overworld map image has been scaled down for forum size requirements. The error data between map sections is not visible at this smaller size.
Script Support / Menu tutorial issue
I followed the tutorial for creating a menu from

As you can see from the code, I followed the "Advanced" methods. However, every time i try to run the sample program i receive the Error "font is not defined." I have included the js files with the code. Might someone be able to look them over and see if I have an error somewhere that would cause this message to appear.

-The One and Only
 Accept no imitations
Hellos and Byes / Greetings to all
New to the forums. I have been trying to register for a while. Thanks to DaVince for temporarily correcting the problem long enough for me to sign up.

I would not call myself a newbie when it comes to programming. I was trained in VB, C++ & Pascal. Since they are  not the industry standards anymore, I have been learning other Languages. I only used JavaScript in brief little snippets on various webpages i have designed through the years. So, again while not a newbie to programming, I am still in the early stages of JavaScript.

The first games I ever designed were using QuickBasic. As the years progressed and my knowledge increased i moved to other platforms of development.

Some time back, I discovered Sphere. The interface is straight forward and easy to use. It's the JavaScript that currently stumps me in areas of development. I'm learning as I develop my first Sphere game.

It is unofficially called Zelda-esque Clone (ZeC).

In ZeC, the land of Hyrule is very much different than the original LoZ. Many centuries have passed. Mountains fall and rise, rivers divert, lakes dry up. An entire landscape can become totally unrecoginizable over hundreds and hundreds of years. The "Lost Woods" & "Lost Hills" do still exist but are not in there original locations...

Okay,  I should save the project description and information for another topic. This was just supposed to be an introduction.

Thanks again to DaVince.