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Hello Everyone
Lurking and doodling in some projects, dropping in to say "Hi"
Currently using Sphere v1.5 on Win7

Having some issues with CTDs from the new editor Sphere Studio on startup
Just curious as to what is the stable community recommended version of Sphere that's being used?

From what I understand to choose from there's:
01. Eggbert's emulator
02. Radnen's Sphere Studio
03. the mini-Sphere Engine
04. the SFML Engine
05. FJ's TurboSphere

Also, any new projects/games from anyone? Loved Sir Boingers and Knights Tale
And thank you Vince for helping with the account stuff
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Re: Hello Everyone
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Hi, welcome to Spherical!

Sphere 1.5 is old, which is why there have been several attempts over the years to rebuild Sphere from scratch. The result of all that is minisphere, which is basically the engine to use now. I'm thinking of making that more clear on the front page as well.

It's the most stable and modern Sphere version, and fully backwards compatible with old Sphere 1.5 games (aside from no MP3 support, but that's just some simple audio conversion). It also adds a whole lot of new features. Sphere Studio is an editor, and works best with minisphere as well (it comes included with it; try and see if that included version works better!)

Glad you like Sir Boingers! I have ideas for new games but no time whatsoever to work on them. You bet I'd be making them in Sphere once I get the time though.

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Re: Hello Everyone
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Hi, Ma3vis!

I definitely recommend Sphere Studio and mini-sphere. The Sphere Studio makes everything much easier to navigate, work with, and keep track of, imo. Mini-sphere, as mentioned, is the current version and works well. There was a little bit of a learning curve with it for me at first, but it works great and I'm excited about the future of the engine.

I have a project I'm working on and determined to get through, but when/if it'll be finished is another subject. lol

Re: Hello Everyone
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@scojin - finished projects is a cursed topic here if I remember right :p honestly start small, and work towards tech demos

Kinda of feel like the community has died a little - there isn't much conversation now besides updates to engine alternatives
Even though there are a few friendly faces I remember from 2009 to 2011 that are still active

How has everyone been?
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Re: Hello Everyone
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Well, one issue I think is that a few of those people left, and what with the forum's login system being kinda borked it's a high point of entry right now to get any new members here. Also, forums in general don't see too much popularity anymore, I suppose.

Re: Hello Everyone
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Just so you know, JavaSphere (my engine) has long since ceased development. Oracle did everything they could to turn Java applets into a s**tshow, so I pretty much gave up on it.
Though I have been playing around with Qt a bit with the idea of making a cross platform IDE, but that's barely off the ground yet.