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Re: FJ-GL Graphics Backend
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RotateBlit is the same as a TransformBlit on the inside. I'll check it out, I haven't seen that happen before.

I'd seen the issue with grabbed images missing bits before, I thought it had been fixed. I wonder, if you let it VSync would that happen? Either way I know the issue with vertically flipped GrabImages is simple enough. SDL has shorthand for it, I forgot what really had to be done when I rewrote it for Windows.

I do know why the lines aren't white. If the last thing you did was use a grabbed image, the GL state is still primed with that image. All primitives are drawn sourcing texture from the lower left texel of the last texture used, since when an image is created the entire left column of pixels is filled with full-alpha white. Except that it isn't with grabbed images. I never updated that after I added the column of white to every image made with CreateImage. So that's easily fixed, and probably explains a lot of the other issues you are seeing, as well.
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Re: FJ-GL Graphics Backend
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OK, both the flipping and the issues with having a grabbed image on the GL state are fixed. This should fix the issues with the color of primitive drawing.

There are some issues still if you have hardware image cloning on your card, but for some reason my desktop isn't reporting that I do anymore (driver update?). I'll have to test it tomorrow.

...and even decrease the number of sides that are approximated to make up circles and ellipses to get a little more performance (at great cost to visual quality, mind you).

SSFML does that too! But the configuration for it hasn't been made.

I'd really like to add this kind of adjustment on the fly, too, so that if FPS is dropping, it will approximate fewer sides for the shape and try to keep the speed up. In fact, it might be a good idea to have more of the optimizations be adjusteable on the fly.
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Re: FJ-GL Graphics Backend
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Updated, now with Bezier Curves.

The only remaining missing features are the Complex primitives and inverted Polygons.

The only bug left that I know of are issues with TransformBlitMasks using cloned images. A case where this happens is GetSystemFont().getImageAt().rotateBlitMask(). An example can be seen (or not seen, as the case may be) in the particle engine demo.
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