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It's basically Catan, but meant for a bit of LAN play. I'm not including the rules to the game. It's got a bit of a steep curve to understand the game (not the mechanics of Catan, but my system), so it can be a bit of a turn off. I mainly built this to see if I could do this. It's fully networked.
One player sets up the server, it spits out the IP of the server and the other players link to it using that IP. The server doesn't act as a client, so the player hosting the server also needs to run the client portion as well.
Passwords are not required, but are kept on the server end for future play. For the most part it's laid out fairly simple, just follow the help text located to the left of the dice. I'll try and answer any questions, for now, I'm not planning to immediately continue development on this, however, it is complete and workable. (Although it might have bugs!).

Download -> here!

Screenshots! (Attached)

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Re: Traders!
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Awesome! We haven't had new games for a while, so this is rather nice to see. And the fact it's fully networked. Gotta try and test this out sometime.
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Re: Traders!
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I should note however that it doesn't handle disconnects/re-connects, but it properly (as far as I can test it!) handles information flowing from clients to server and back through again.

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Re: Traders!
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The tile textures in the screenshots look blurry and surprisingly indistinguishable. I'd suggest maybe a more pixelly aesthetic to the default package to better differentiate the terrain?

Re: Traders!
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@NEO those are basically ripped off the original tiles and have been brutally scaled and rescaled over the course of the project. It's been on the to-do for some time for the game. I'm just not much of a pixel artist and haven't really found (or looked) anything that serves as a suitable replacement. In due time.