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Engine Development / Re: neoSphere 5.6.4 (with Cell, SSj)
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
Unless you somehow managed to disable all the plugins, the map editor, etc. should be there, you just have to click New -> Map, etc.  If you open an existing Sphere 1.x project with it you can also edit the maps, spritesets, etc. that are there (that's what the project tree is for).

I don't recommend using the old editor if you want to take advantage of the new API in neoSphere, but for what it's worth I am actively working on improving the user experience in Sphere Studio, there are admittedly some rough edges and I'd like to make things more seamless.
Engine Development / Re: neoSphere 5.6.4 (with Cell, SSj)
Last post by Ma3vis -
So... I downloaded the latest SphereStudio and I can't find the map editor or sprite editor or anything really. I see there's a project tree and a task manager but I don't understand any of it or what's it for? Should I still use the older version of Sphere?
Arts / [Feedback] New Content
Last post by Ma3vis -
Here's a recent fantasy project I was working on:

And I was working on a batman project for a little bit:


And lastly there was a pokemon project I had going on:

I also did a small sketch for the matrix too:

Any hints, tips, edits, and contributions help. Thanks ahead of time guys.
Hellos and Byes / Hi Guys
Last post by Ma3vis -
Just making another return.

Has there been any stable official new releases? Did Radnen ever finish his editor?
I saw Beaker released new content. Also where's Neologix, Rhuan and DaVince?
Game Development / Wizard Kings
Last post by Beaker -

Download here:

Wizards Kings is a turn based strategy game where you go to war with a rival wizardom. Each turn, assign work to increase your economy, use your economy to increase production, or use it to increase your spellcraft. Then with your production and spellcraft, create units to send to the enemy during the raise phase.

There are three fields. During the orders phase you can click to select a unit you control and then click a neighboring field to send it there. If there is an enemy on that field, units next to each other will fight during the combat phase. A unit on a field can move itself to the right end of the line by clicking the right end of the field when it's selected.

Combat is determined by the unit numbers: attack, health, and reach. During combat, the unit with the highest reach attacks first and reduces the hp of the other by the amount of attack points. Then, the reach number is reduced and that unit attacks again. If the reach number is the same, then both units attack. This continues until the reach number is at zero, or one (or both) units are defeated. So a unit with reach 3 against a unit with reach 1 will attack twice (reach values 3 and 2), and then both units will attack each other
for the next reach numbers of 1 and 0.

When you have your units in your opponents field, then if there are no enemy units there then you will attack. If there are 1 or 2 units attacking, then they will remove some production from the enemy. If there are three or more units there, then they will attack the walls with their combined attack values.

The first player to reduce the opponents walls to 0 wins!

The Controls:
Mouse: Click on buttons and units
Space: Skip to next phase (if not the assign phase)
Escape: Deselect unit

This was made at TOJam this year, but it took me a while to get the time to finish it up, and then some more to upload it.
Engine Development / Re: Sphere 5.6.2 (neoSphere, Cell, SSj)
Last post by mezzoEmrys -
Stellar work once again!
Engine Development / Re: Sphere 5.6.2 (neoSphere, Cell, SSj)
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
For anyone who still cares: Sphere 5.6.2 is available for both Windows and macOS.
Engine Development / Re: Sphere 5.5.2 (previously miniSphere)
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
The rebranding of miniSphere to Sphere is now fully complete!

The engine itself has also been renamed, to neoSphere.  But unlike with miniSphere, that name no longer takes center stage: It's simply the name of the engine implementation, to differentiate it from other implementations of the Sphere API such as Oozaru.
Engine Development / Re: Sphere 5.5.2 (miniSphere)
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
I'm currently working on TypeScript integration for Sphere 5.6. This will make it so cell init creates a TS-enabled project. Initial experiments are going well, though there remain some kinks to work out. It doesn't seem like it will be too painful though, and most of the work was already done with my earlier ts-sphere project. The goal is to get it to behave as much like native tsc as possible, without the need to install Node.js or npm first. Just a tsc() call in your Cellscript.
Engine Development / Re: Oozaru: Sphere for the Web
Last post by Fat Cerberus -
It uses WebGL, performance seems pretty close to desktop Sphere as far as I can tell.  I had a perf issue a while back where it was really slow on Apple platforms, it turned out it just didn't like me reusing VBOs for Shape.drawImmediate(), even when they were created with the dynamic flag.  It ended up being way faster just to throw away the vertex buffer and create a new one next time.  But otherwise, there are no performance issues that I can see, and even that issue has since been fixed.

There are a few undocumented hoops you have to jump through in order to ensure your code runs as-is in both miniSphere and Oozaru, mainly having to do with module import conventions (they won't be undocumented for much longer, and I'm planning to add a compatibility mode to enforce them), but as long as you don't touch the Sphere v1 API, as long as your game runs on the desktop it should run fine on the Web too. That was, after all, my main goal for Oozaru.  ;)