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Map/Tileset Support / Newbie tileset question
I'm using a free tileset from, but it's distributed as a .png file.  Sphere Studio wants a .rts file.  How do I import the file or convert it to .rts?
Sphere Support / Re: Sphere Studio will not run
It would be nice if the helpfile at least would open, so that sounds like a good idea, Lord English.  Since the helpfile is a txt, I mean.  Well, it looks like it's mostly written for programmers anyhow, but in the long run some sort of plain-language explanation would probably be helpful as well.  (It's not a complaint and I know this is all done by volunteers -- just a suggestion.)

As long as I've got you here, is there anything different I need to enable as far as plugins, depending on whether Im making this for miniSphere or for Sphere 1.X?

Thanks to everyone for your advice.
Sphere Support / Re: Sphere Studio will not run
Just tried it on my notebook, and it runs fine.  Thanks for the help!

Edit:  Okay, it runs, but new problem:

Whenever I try to make a new file, or open a file in the case of the game.sgm and main.js that were made with my new project automatically, I get the message, "Sphere Studio doesn't know how to open that type of file."  This also happens when I try to load the helpfile.
Sphere Support / Sphere Studio will not run
Hello!  I'd originally planned to make my game in Sphere 1.5's included editor, but after noticing there are now more advanced editors available, I thought I'd give one a try.  The problem is that Sphere Studio will not run on any of my computers.  On my Windows 7 desktop, it immediately crashes with an error message.  On my Windows 8 notebook, it runs but appears to do nothing -- the circle symbol appears to show the machine is working, but no window opens.  Is there anything I could try to diagnose this problem?  And aside form Sphere Studio, are there other editors that might be good to use?
Hellos and Byes / Greetings
Good day, everyone!  I am an amateur game designer and I've decided to try my hand at writing an RPG.  I had come across the Sphere engine several years ago, and had a generally good impression, so I was glad to see there is still an active community.  As I am a novice in many ways, I look forward to the help I will find here and to contributing what I can.  Pleased to meet you all!