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yED, a graphical editor

Often times, I like to collect my thoughts using flow charts and diagrams. I used to use dia, but dia has horrendous issues with rasterizing text.

I found out about yED recently. It's alright. Fewer features than dia, but much more reliable.

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Re: yED, a graphical editor
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I've used dia many times, it's a great nifty tool. I run the 'portable-app' version of it so I can carry it around on a thumb stick. yED looks pretty cool.
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Re: yED, a graphical editor
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dia has horrendous issues with rasterizing text.

What are you exporting to? I think there are like three different PNG exporters, and one of them is horrendous.

But I like and dislike certain things about Dia, so will be checking this out. Kind of too bad it uses Java, but meh.

Re: yED, a graphical editor
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I actually kind of like the Java bit, it instantly works rather well on Linux, Windows, and OS X.

I've tried dia with all the PNG exporters that are included, and they all have had issues for me. I've tried a couple of the other formats it exports, but it was such a huge hassle just to export the file that it kind of soured me to the whole program.