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Emergency Riot Response
This game is a bit old, but I don't think I posted it anywhere until a few days ago. 

Emergency Riot Response was made at TOJam 6 (2011), and is a very simple RTS where you control a police force tasked with guarding a very important event from protesters (the red pixels).  Left-clicking your police squads will select them and left-clicking again will move them around the city, pushing protesters in that direction, and preventing them from advancing towards the central conference building.  To make things complicated, there are a select few protesters that just want to riot and destroy the city (the black pixels).  To deal with these guys, you can right-click move a squad, which will move and detain anyone in the squad's path.

To win, you must prevent protesters from getting into the conference area, prevent the city from getting damaged too much, and not use excessive force until the conference is over.

Main game page:

TOJam 8 also wrapped up recently, so I will be posting my game made during that jam as well, as soon as it's uploaded on RMN.