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Engine Development / Re: Sphere 5.5.1 (miniSphere)
I don't know if anyone still even uses the forums anymore, but...

Hellos and Byes / My return
Hey, everyone. You may or may not remember me for the one time I posted here with some stuff.

I'm still interested in making something with Sphere, and its ease of use and ability to quickly prototype was always a big positive in my book, and I'm glad to see it's still being worked on and improved. And now I see it's even being built to run on mobile, too?

Over the past year I've gone to a technical school for web development and have gotten caught up with some web technologies, and I feel like my ability to learn and understand has improved in general. A lot of stuff that confused me like asynchronous code and modules, and some of the weirder features of JavaScript I've got a better handle on, and it's nice to come back to Sphere, which uses technologies I'm super familiar with. I'm looking forward to what I can come up with now.

...okay. Now that I got that out of the way, guess I'll just vanish again. See you in three years.

edit: It seems like a lot of the forum hasn't been active in a super long time. This must be an extremely small community. It's kind of sad.
Sphere General / Re: Proper way of using Sphere?
Didn't want to make another thread to ask this, but does Sphere support looping audio by reading metadata? I've always wondered how do deal with the problem of looping music.
Sphere General / Re: Proper way of using Sphere?
Really? That's all there is to them? Huh, thought they'd be more complicated than that.

And yeah, I've peeked into the Discord. Looks like you guys talk about stuff related to developing the engine that I can barely make sense of.
Sphere General / Re: Proper way of using Sphere?
Generally with v2 globals are discouraged, run all your code as modules with their own seperate scopes, hand anything you need to share around as parameters.

Yeah, I remember modules throwing me off a while ago when I read about them when they were implemented.

I've been looking at this thread to try and learn more about them, but I'm still not 100% confident I know how to use them properly.
Sphere General / Proper way of using Sphere?
Any particular way Sphere is intended to be used? I seems pretty open/custom to me right now - run from the start script, drop in your code and just go. So can you really just plop whatever into your render/update loops, throw the map engine underneath and do whatever?

Or is there a more specific way of doing things the engine is suited for? Blit images and text over images and on and on? Use the map engine if you want, but it's totally not necessary and everything can just be fueled by the JavaScript?

Any particular way recommended to structure data? Just have global variables and objects for game data?
Yup - the plugin was in the ProgramData directory, deleting that fixed it.

It was the option to use the GDK in the command line, not Cell that I wasn't installing. Still, just reinstalled, checking even that, and still, nothing.

I'll have to wait until I get home as I'm working now but I did have everything checked except for building a project in Cell I think.
So I may or may not be getting into Sphere again, so I uninstalled the minisphere I had (along with Sphere Studio) and installed minisphere 5.0. However when opening Sphere Studio (fresh installed from the ms5.0 exe), I only get the option to use the Sphere 1.5 engine.

Going into settings gave no option for locating the mini sphere directory or plugins. Anybody know what's up with this? Am I just missing something really simple?
Projects / Re: My Junk
I was actually planning to look at Sphere again when it seemed to be settled on working API and the old one was completely phased out.

I stopped using Sphere around that one big update where the entire codebase started to be changed. All of my stuff was written in the Sphere 1.5 API and I was much too lazy to rewrite everything/re-learn the new API.
Projects / My Junk
I don't know if I'll ever use Sphere again, so here's all the junk I was screwing around with.!Ap3no3NteVrJkgyHSKurxZAgT-dC

Notable Junk:

Castle Valor

Basically a Final Fantasy battle system, very barebones and incomplete.

Space - Toggle debug mode
Arrow Keys - Move cursor
Z - Confirm
X - Cancel
Tab - Switch party member
Shift - Hold to see page 2 of status
A/S - Adds/deletes Crysta in debug mode.
Backspace - Toggles Active/Wait battle modes.
Backslash - Pauses/unpauses ATB charging
Open bracket/Closed bracket - Change ATB charge speed in debug mode
Forwardslash - Change debug mode target
Q/W - Add/depelete debug target's HP
Number Keys - Test debug target's animations

Final Fantasy (minishere 4.x)

Looks like EX Gear: Excelsior. Doesn't show up in the Sphere loader because it's a minisphere game.

Notably, this project had a joystick interfacing system I wrote (Controls.js). If you have a joystick plugged in on startup, you should be able to use it to do everything. It even has a variable walk speed when tilting an axis.

Tab - Toggles debug info
C - Bring up menu.
X - Sprint on field. Cancel in menu.
Z - Confirm

Final Fantasy Action Game

Beginnings of an idea for a semi-real time FF game.

Arrow Keys - Move you
WASD - Move enemy
QWERT - Test damage display
X - Toggle "Battle Mode" that actually doesn't do anything.
Space - Make you control the enemy for some inexplicable reason.

EX Gear Battle Demo

Me attempting to make some 3D-looking battle background.

Arrow Keys - Move camera left and right. Up and down snap to far ends.

EX Gear: Excelsior

The field portion of whatever EX Gear was going to be. Press SPACE to get out the menu mockup on startup.

Enter - Bring up shitty menu to see shitty fade.
X - Sprint on field, cancel in menu.
A - Supposed to be a weapon swing but crashes the game.

Lost Piety

Really just a sprite animation test.

Number Keys - Change animation
A - Turn Manual Advance on/off.
Left Arrow - Advances animation one "counter" if Manual Advance is on.

Color RPG
This was the beginnings of a custom battle system but I apparently fudged something up and it keeps getting an error on start.
Hellos and Byes / Swimmisan's Introduction
Hello, all. I feel like I should say one more sentence here to bridge my introduction and background, but I can't think of anything. I've known about Sphere for a long time and it seemed like a really good development kit (those Fallacious Gear demos seemed amazing to me), but I never really used it because of my lack of programming skills. Now all these years later, I came back with more expansive programming knowledge, and was looking for a program that had what I felt comfortable developing games in. I thought Sphere was dead, but to my surprise found out about TurboSphere and the community still around supporting it. I plan to stay with Sphere for a while, and I'm currently running version 1.5. I also have a little problem that I just found out about (that was also the motivation for me making this account:

I have a few functions that use GetTime() to hold off drawing to the screen for a given amount of time. Strange thing is, if I have extra programs running in the background (Firefox, Skype), it processes the time what seems normally. However, if Sphere is the only thing running, all times set run significantly slower. Anyone know what's up with this? It seems to be a problem with the engine, not my code. Especially odd since it seems like the opposite of what would happen with more programs running.