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Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Anyone here play Undertale?
Hm... But is there any reason to save-scum on this?
I've only played it for a little over an hour so far, so I may be missing something.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Anyone here play Undertale?
I've started playing it a few days ago and thought it was good, but I don't see a reason for all the hype.

Being able to grep my way through the source code to find whatever I want to modify is still probably my favorite thing, and if I wanted to, I could totally edit the source code itself instead of using a plugin to encapsulate a group of changes. All it really needs now is decent documentation for all the source code, so I don't have to grep for words and names of things that sound like what I want to change :P

I'm actually doing that for my own game, but I realize that this will give me a lot of extra work when the reworked base classes are released (we are working on updating the pixi version, but that requires a lot of work on the base classes of MV).
So... MV has been out for a while and I've written some code for it, so I can talk a bit about how it works:

Basically, they tried to implement ruby inside javascript.
Everything is added to the prototype;

Plugins are replacing existing methods to simulate Ruby's aliases:

Code: [Select]

  //Updates Game_Temp.prototype.setDestination to only be executed when the player has no destination set on itself
  var oldGameTemp_setDestination = Game_Temp.prototype.setDestination;
  Game_Temp.prototype.setDestination = function(x, y) {
    if ($gamePlayer._xDestination === undefined && $gamePlayer._destinationCharacter === undefined && $gamePlayer._yDestination === undefined) {, x, y);

They kept all classes and methods from Rpg Maker Vx Ace with basically the same name, just changing snake_case for camelCase.
The whole thing runs on a lot of open source projects: The rendering is managed by and old version of Pixi.js (the new version came out just a few weeks before MV). The windows and mac run on node.js. The mobile export is just a manual explaining how to use open source tools to turn your html5 game into an app.

Debugging is finally possible, thanks to node.js (or your browser's development tools if you use it).

The whole editor is completely unnecessary if you know how to write JS code, except for drawing maps (although you can use tiled map editor for that).
While stable 60fps is achievable, performance is still nowhere near Sphere level.

Every single line of code is now visible, so the community has already started writing deep changes to it.
I feel like this might be the last version of RM as we know it, because the community can do much more for it than the 2 programmers that made it.

Here's the link to my github, with some plugins written for it:

Completely necessary and relevant image:


It's posts like these that make me miss a "Like" button.
Is anybody here participating on the Humble Bundle's IGMC?

Would be nice to see a sphere game there. Unfortunately I already have other two projects and can't work on a third just to use the engine.
Projects / Re: Rabbit Adventures

Even then, in Sphere under it's software driver, it never reaches 7fps on large maps. So something tells me that they are using an highly un-optimized high level language like Ruby to do the drawing entirely in software. I couldn't see C/C++ being that slow, unless their algorithms are just plain bad. (No tile caching, animation caching, viewport clipping etc.)

It seems it is all in Ruby:
Projects / Re: Rabbit Adventures
It's seems there's a bug in RPG Maker Vx Ace that, if you have a "common event" running, you have to put a sleep command on it or it can cause a serious FPS drop. That 7 FPS thing was probably because of that.
I also heard there's something wrong with their Bitmap implementation and that "writing text directly on the screen" is one of the slowest things in RM.

Anyway, I'll try a high resolution again later.

Projects / Re: Rabbit Adventures
Just broke the resolution limit.

It's running at 7 FPS though.
Projects / Re: Rabbit Adventures
Yes, even though you can change the resolution using scripts, there's a limit to that too.

I ended up decreasing the height of the window to get a 16:9 aspect ratio and then I stretched it to full screen, it doesn't look that bad.

There's a hacked DLL out there that removes the limitation and Enterbrain allow us to use it, but it hasn't been very widely tested yet.
Projects / Re: Rabbit Adventures

You don't even need to use the Steamworks SDK (see this FAQ), but it's there for you to enhance your game if you do.

That's basically it, but it will still take me a couple of months to even try to put my game there. There's a lot to do before that.
And I thought I would have way more limitations with RPG Maker than I actually have. Other than the resolution, I don't think there has been anything I really couldn't do until now.
Projects / Re: Rabbit Adventures

Looks awesome, but does Steam even accept RPG Maker games?  Not that VX Ace isn't awesome (discounting that it's long overdue for a resolution bump), but it seems like it might be considered too amateurish for a platform like Steam.  I'm not Valve though, so who knows.

If the game is greenlit by the community, they accept it. I've seen a few in there already.
Projects / Re: Rabbit Adventures
I haven't updated this since august because I've been working in a different project:
Rabbit Adventures was just a way to "test the waters" for Orange Season. I ended up not using Sphere for that one because I was concerned with the license, as I hope to be able to sell the game on steam at some point, but I still want to develop something like that on sphere one day.

The game is being made with RPG Maker Vx Ace as a map engine, but I'm doing everything through scripts (It already has over 25k lines of scripts). It is a farm simulation game inspired by the harvest moon series. There's a lot of stuff done, even though the maps are still raw and my english translation is bad.

So if anyone feels like checking it, it would mean a lot to me :D
Projects / Re: Rabbit Adventures

Instead of Flows, though I use GameStates and a GameState Manager. This is how a lot of big indie games are made. There are also scene managers for larger games, but my RadLib library does not have a scene manager (yet). A GameState is similar in concept to your Flow concept. My GameStates in basic form, live on a stack. GameStates are things like menus or even actual gameplay. They are pushed on to the stack when required and then popped off when finished. This organizational detail can be used to great affect. Now, all game states have separated render and update loops. This is critical for two reasons: 1, input only works on the top-most state, and 2, it's not process intensive. However, the render loop runs for all states at all times. Now, you may want to have background states update too and that is also a possibility, they just need to be set to update anyways if not top-most and the GameState Manager will try to detect and run those, but generally this is only useful for pure effect states and not input states.

Changes in Euphoria:

  • Completed the transition to the GameStates concept;

  • Made a few inheritable GameStates

  • Created ScriptManager.

  • Player movement on platforming maps are now completely controlled by Euphoria instead of default attachInput

  • Added support for slopes, but it still needs more work on it

It allows functions like BindKey and SetDelayScript to receive a function reference instead of an string. I made it completely independent of Euphoria.

Changes in the game:

  • Continues

  • New enemies (on stages 3 and 4)

  • Small changes to stage 1 and 6

  • Added collectibles on stage 4

Game downloadable here:
Projects / Re: Rabbit Adventures

There are a lot of things like the entry point you can't access. This is a limitation that can hopefully be fixed in newer editions of Sphere. My SphereSFML implements Javascript 1.6 (ECMAScript v5.1), and so has the newer features like Array.forEach and the strict mode.

One thing I hated about sphere is that Load* methods do not return proper JS objects. Even CreatePerson is not an object. It'd be neat to natively have this in Sphere:

Code: (javascript) [Select]

var person = CreatePerson("name", "ss.rss", false); = function() {"Hi! I am " + + " how do you do?");

// later...;

To do that today you'd have to create your own JS wrappers for such objects. But even then, for LoadImage you were not allowed to extend it in any way. In my SphereSFML, you can extend it since now all resources are proper JS objects.

Yes :/
I used wrappers in Euphoria, it would be so much better if I could work directly with native objects.

... wait a minute...

You were Slack0228 (or something like that)? The guy who wanted to create a code editor for Sphere? If so it was you who encouraged me to make a proper Sphere Editor (which you can check out and download). In fact I exclusively use my new editor, have not touched the old editor in a very long time (I only use it if I'm doing something that I hadn't implemented yet).

Yes, my username was Slack2028, but my signature had the name "Flick Hudell" with this image:

And it is amazing to know this. I still want to switch to Sphere Studio, but lately I've only been working on the scripts, and for that I use Sublime Text Editor.