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Greetings to all
New to the forums. I have been trying to register for a while. Thanks to DaVince for temporarily correcting the problem long enough for me to sign up.

I would not call myself a newbie when it comes to programming. I was trained in VB, C++ & Pascal. Since they are  not the industry standards anymore, I have been learning other Languages. I only used JavaScript in brief little snippets on various webpages i have designed through the years. So, again while not a newbie to programming, I am still in the early stages of JavaScript.

The first games I ever designed were using QuickBasic. As the years progressed and my knowledge increased i moved to other platforms of development.

Some time back, I discovered Sphere. The interface is straight forward and easy to use. It's the JavaScript that currently stumps me in areas of development. I'm learning as I develop my first Sphere game.

It is unofficially called Zelda-esque Clone (ZeC).

In ZeC, the land of Hyrule is very much different than the original LoZ. Many centuries have passed. Mountains fall and rise, rivers divert, lakes dry up. An entire landscape can become totally unrecoginizable over hundreds and hundreds of years. The "Lost Woods" & "Lost Hills" do still exist but are not in there original locations...

Okay,  I should save the project description and information for another topic. This was just supposed to be an introduction.

Thanks again to DaVince.
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Re: Greetings to all
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Welcome to spheredev, always good to see new members.

Re: Greetings to all
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It's always nice to see fresh meat new people! This community is small but very welcoming, and we're reado to help you if you have any questions or need any help. The wiki could use some more work, but it has a few pages and should be enough to get you started. I've been meaning to write some myself.

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Re: Greetings to all
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Welcome to the community! It's always nice to see someone new, and you have quite an interesting history of languages behind you. We're more than ready to help with any issues you might have. Your project sounds interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing your project develop. :)

Thanks to DaVince for temporarily correcting the problem long enough for me to sign up.
You're welcome! Shit should finally be fixed in general in that regard too.