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hey pple
Hello everyone.
I'm a lurker from out of the shadows. The minisphere and Sphere Studio are amazing additions to the engine! I'm not particularly new to Sphere, but it's been awhile since I've used it. I dabbled in GameMaker for awhile, but I find that Sphere just has this curious appeal to it. I'm not quite sure what it is. I really like the whole direction of using Javascript for making games. While I'm no expert programmer by any means, Javascript is what I've used the most.
Anyway, I have a project going on that I'd really like to finish. So, I figured I could ask a question every once in awhile and get some various answers, opinions, and views on the subject that could help me out and potentially help someone else.

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Re: hey pple
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Hello Scojin! Welcome to the community! :)
If you use code to help you code you can use less code to code. Also, I have approximate knowledge of many things.

Sphere-sfml here
Sphere Studio editor here

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Re: hey pple
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Welcome to Spherical! Glad to see your account works properly now. It's only a small community, but hang around! :)