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Not sure how many remember me, but I was browsing some old files and found all of my Sphere work. I was a bit surprised to see the forums still active (though it looks like it was reset at some point as I had to re-register). Thought I'd say hi and share all of my ancient code. I don't really remember how of the games work and what has/hasn't been implemented.

I'm a software developer now and first learned how to write code with Sphere so I feel I owe a bit to Sphere/yall.

BTW, I've been trying to register for a few days. Looks like the forums don't accept hotmail addresses. May want to make a note of that on the registration page or something.

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Re: Yo
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Domo arigato, mr roboto! I'll take a look at the hotmail thing, the anti-spam was probably giving a false positive or something.

Yes, the forum was reset, long story. I always appreciate a good story about how Sphere positively influenced the career paths of users, and look forward to seeing more of those in the future :)

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Re: Yo
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I remember you too. How is life? Great to see Sphere was (real-world useful as) a steppingstone for you. If you spare some time, hang around the forums.