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Got fed up with typing
So I got fed up with typing all the items in and then changing the way they were handled. Thus having to mess around with all 255 of them.

Thus i decided to follow old advice of saving/loading from a text file. And to go with it I made a little GUI

Not meant to be special, but handy eh? Kept it similar to a program i use to get to the guts of a FF6 rom

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Re: Got fed up with typing
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Love it. Would like to see it generalized for non-FF games with the ability to add in items at will. Possibly a button for state randomization and mutation (so you can really create unique items in a snap).
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Re: Got fed up with typing
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And now it has all of the statistics used for Final Fantasy VI's items. Now I can click my way through the rest!

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Re: Got fed up with typing
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Neato. Almost reminds me of one of those ROM Hack tool interfaces.

Re: Got fed up with typing
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It still has bugs but give it a try if you like

Buttons at top and bottom - change page
value boxes - you don't have to use the little buttons, you can click the center and then type (will accept "-")
text boxes (change name/info) - will allow "enter" for new line, but the crappy way i found of doing that means there are 2 "\\" so when you delete you must delete twice or you get left with 1 "\". Also there are no restrictions so it wont stop you writing)
Load and Save - they in fact do work
Drop menus - Some of the drop menus refer to things i haven't done yet (and will I will probably make databases for those too incidently) and thus are empty or refer to a random list

there are some minor bugs with focus' etc but ill comb that out later. I litarally threw this together.

(there is some code from the SDK in there, just ignore it)

PS - one of my handy features is text scrolling. If you see on some of the containers the text is cutoff but the scrollbar (or where the scrollbar should be - little bug lol). if you hover your mouse over it long enough the text will scroll. Try it out

Theres a little surprise in there too - see if you spot it