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So, as part of my current project, I'm trying to handle my input for layered menus and such from the ground up for the sake of experimentation. As such, I have this code currently:

Code: [Select]

if(AreKeysLeft()) {
   ({ KEY_UP: startWindow.handleUp,
      KEY_DOWN: startWindow.handleDown,
      KEY_LEFT: startWindow.handleLeft,
      KEY_RIGHT: startWindow.handleRight,
      KEY_Z: startWindow.handleAccept,
      KEY_X: startWindow.handleCancel

Now, this code does not currently work because the [GetKey()] step returns undefined, which is because KEY_UP, DOWN, etc. are actually numerical constants, and I can't seem to break them down within the object creation to do something like convert KEY_UP to 84, nor can I seem to get the value from GetKey() as its word form. I'm a bit stumped as to what to do here that would still result in legible code while also having equivalent functionality.
Script Support / Letting the NPCs move diagonally
As a part of the quick game I'm working on now, I'm having some NPCs attempt to chase after you, taking the most direct route possible.

At first when I was planning it out, I thought I could just set their X and Y speeds to be able to have them move at the correct angle when moving diagonally. However, I have now noticed that the only commands I can queue for them are the cardinal directions. Is there a way to queue COMMAND_MOVE_NORTHWEST, etc., or do I have to individually queue COMMAND_MOVE_NORTH and COMMAND_MOVE_EAST?

Alternatively, is there a better way to do this? This may just be a case of the classic XY problem, but it was my best solution.
Resources / [Audio] Free Firearm Sound Effects
Near the end of last year there was a Kickstarter for the creation of a 100% no strings attached sound effects library for firearms. It was successfully funded, and has been released under a CC0 license - no royalties, no credit required.

They have now started another Kickstarter for a medieval sound effects library, if you care to donate.

(edit: fixed url tag ~neo)
I was vaguely remembering a few projects back in the day to build some libraries that you could simply use for various aspects of the game engine (battle system, movement engine, etc.), and I was wondering if any of those ever came to fruition? In particular I'm going to have to program a Secret of Mana/Legend of Zelda-esque battle system, and it seems like something that would be common enough that other people would have implemented it a hundred times over. It seems like there would exist a well optimized implementable framework that would be available, but there isn't yet. While I understand the importance of knowing how all your code works, especially the most "basic" systems, it would still be useful to have a well optimized framework to compare against and learn from.
As part of my current project I am giving every entity a "speed" value which determines the frequency of when each entity acts. However, my current implementation involves stepping through a numerical "turn", then seeing if any entity or effect needs to trigger on that turn, currently by iterating through all the entities and effects in play on the map.
However, this process of stepping through the turns becomes visible while playing, with each player turn becoming obviously delayed, even when the player is the only entity on the map.
I suppose my question here would be how could I optimally implement this "frequency of acting" turn structure?
Spriteset Support / Multi-Piece and Masking on Spriteset?
As part of my current project I am implementing a character customization system which allows players to pick their skin and hair color, and possibly hair style. So far I have been glad to find the SetPersonMask option, but as I have been planning out the customization system I have encountered a problem.

Would it be possible for me to create a single spriteset, with no mask, from multiple spritesets that are masked? If so, how would I do that, and what kind of things would I need to set up?
Projects / Poncho [Unreleased] [Pre-Development]

"You are an adventurer delving deep into the dungeon to find out what's at the bottom! Have at it!"

v1.0 Features:

  • A roguelike adventure, with a focus on exploration!

  • There are no standard "experience" or "levels", all your stats are initialized by your class and buffed by the items you find.

  • You get better loot the deeper you go, but you can't go back to a floor you've left.

  • Overworld town for selling your loot and buying rare/unique items that don't generate in the dungeon.

  • Go straight from the current floor up to the town, no need to retrace your steps. Convenient!

  • Permadeath, with quicksave. This is a roguelike, but no need to play it all in one sitting.

  • Randomly generated map, items, and character spell. No two games play the same!

Planned Features:

  • Pet to act as support, such as killing nearby enemies or buffing you.

  • Character customization as simple as picking hair style, hair color, and eye color.

Development Progress:

  • Player creation: 10% (TODO: Classes, Sprites)

  • Items: 99% (TODO: Magic Items)

  • Spells: 10% (TODO: More Spells)

  • Menu System: 0% (TODO: Basic Menu, selling, buying, equipping)

  • Turn Order: 0% (TODO: Implement FFX style turn ordering)

  • Music: 90% (TODO: Get more music together, continue testing of sound manager)

  • Map Generation: 30% (TODO: Implement Algorithm, Map manipulation)

  • Tile based movement: 50% (TODO: Matrixes representing generated map to determine items and obstruction positions)

  • Saving: 1% (TODO: Map Saving, Saving functions, Loading functions)

Screenshots: (v0.01_pre-alpha_badart)


  • mezzoEmrys - Project Manager, Programmer

  • ChocoHugs - Creative Director, Artist

  • Eevables - Musician

Sphere Support / Procedural Generation of Maps?
I've been looking through various sphere documentations and I can't seem to find any hints of how this would be done. I could see it being done in ascii, but as for implementing graphics I am unsure as to how I would manage to make any sort of map be generated at runtime.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to if/how this would be possible?
Hellos and Byes / Anti-robot sentiments?
When making an account I discovered that I could not, in fact, say that I was a robot, despite the fact that I may or may not be a biological robot.
Are we all not, in fact, robots, to some degree? Could it not be argued that humans are no more than robots made carbon based products?

Anyway, hey guys, it's been a while and I decided to work with Sphere again now that I'm a mildly competent programmer, as opposed to the slightly competent one I was before. Sadly, my visual skills have fallen lower than the heights they had reached. Which, all in all, is only about a two inch drop.