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Establishing Sphere's notability
Sphere once had a Wikipedia article. This article was deleted in 2012 due to "Expired PROD, concern was: no reliable references, failed to find any; notability not established."

How shall we go about positively establishing (or likely in this case, re-establishing) Sphere's "notability" in the near future? I know the various Sphere modernization projects would go a long way towards confirming that Sphere is indeed still alive and kicking, but other than making more working projects (which admittedly is probably the fastest way, but also requires active people) what do y'all suggest/recommend we start doing/do more of/stop doing so that Sphere can maintain a more permanent spot on Wikipedia?

Re: Establishing Sphere's notability
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A few things that I think can be of note:

* Sphere was one of the earliest non-Netscape/Mozilla uses of SpiderMonkey.
* Sphere was the first non-web browser or graphics editor/viewer that supported MNG (that's noted on the MNG article)
* Mention that Sphere is an API standard--pose it kind of like a programming language or framework, those pages on Wikipedia seem to stick around no matter what.
* Perhaps a list of (sort of) notable people associated at some point with Sphere?
* A sort of 'Hello World' section.
* An enumeration of the new engines, like we have on our wiki.

I think that an important thing that would go a long way, of course, would be if some notable games were written for Sphere :/
Until that happens, the grasp will be tenuous.

Re: Establishing Sphere's notability
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I know a few people that used it for school projects

Definately not dead as the wiki claims

When it comes to projects, we have quite a few that were collected up when the old site went down. Also I have a number I have worked on or collected