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This is exactly the kind of site I wanna make.
Just found this site while looking for open-license graphics, and had to share it.

You'll have to manually URL yourself to the main site ( to see the other pages, but basically that's exactly what I'm aiming for with my "post my design stuff online" idea. The one hitch, of course, being that I have no artistic talents, so it'd be pure text and/or crappy drawlings.

Still. Something to aim for. Also, we should totes lure that dude to Sphere >:)

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Re: This is exactly the kind of site I wanna make.
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I looked at the site and found this tutorial there:

I learned many of those things by doing it the hard way (haha), but that's definitely the most comprehensive guide on what to look out for when doing your own pixel art. But I think there is one thing even I struggle with and that is finding the right colors. No tutorial can teach you that and oftentimes I must go to other games and physically copy their palettes for a while to get a feel for the colors.
If you use code to help you code you can use less code to code. Also, I have approximate knowledge of many things.

Sphere-sfml here
Sphere Studio editor here

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Re: This is exactly the kind of site I wanna make.
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Yeah, I'm not a pixel artist so I can't really judge, but that looked like a really good toot.

You know, if I had a decent tablet (I mean a draw-y thing, not like, an iPad; I hate how those terms have become conflated), I think I might actually be able to develop some modest amount of artistic talent. Simple kewpie stuff like Adventure Time-y noodle-arm type stuff.

See, 'cause drawing on paper, A) I'm limited to a pencil (and I could never figure out how to use complex pens right, nor do I have any or the money to obtain them) and B) I can't easily 'undo.' Being able to undo and even move things around on a virtual canvas, I might be able to develop some talent; I was pretty good at drawing as a kid.

But a decent quality tablet is probably pretty expensive.

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Re: This is exactly the kind of site I wanna make.
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Pretty much all drawing tablets are decent nowadays, and some are not expensive. (I got mine for 40 bucks, though because it's off-brand and pretty old by now I'm lucky to get full touch sensitivity support and stuff.) A decent quality with a screen, which are a much better solution if you ask me, are still not that cheap though, I think.

In any case... That site is pretty excellent. Will be reading a lot from it in the future, probably.