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Stellar work once again!
Programming / Re: So I wrote a monad tutorial...
I ended up learning about monads by writing them as a useful design pattern, then being told that's what they were. Amusingly enough, I picked up that pattern from writing a lot of Common Lisp. I also tended to explain it to people using the Maybe example, and the Error Wrapper example (Either in your guide), so it's nice to see that played out with all the basic explanations in place too.

The only thing I might recommend doing is bolding "entangle" the first time you use it in the paper, and/or bold "entagled values" when that occurs slightly later. I tend to skim a bit when text starts getting really thick, so having key ideas like that bolded helps readability for people like me.
Site Comments / Re: Discord server
There's usually a cycle of increased and decreased activity, usually relating to the status of projects and how many people are excited for them. I definitely don't help the problem, since I usually just lurk, but this sort of cycle is pretty natural in the Sphere forums.
Site Comments / Re: Thoughts about a Discord server?
I'd love to have a discord, since it'd give a good place to chat about stuff that can feel a bit too whimsical to commit a whole forum thread or post for.
Originally I was only considering hitboxes and not hit-polys for speed, since that's how I'm used to things working with other engines. Having hit-polys would fix that, but the later conversation about having individual polygons for individual frames is even better. Having the hitpoly id(s?) returned on collide would save the trouble of having two individual entities, since one entity can, at that point, do all the important things I can think of that a composite entity would, since you can have one script manipulate them both.
One chip I'm throwing in for discussion - could cEngine and sEngine allow you to include an arbitrary number of hitboxes relative on a single entity? One of the things I've found difficult to work with is that sprites are limited to a single hitbox square for native implementation. As an example, trying to implement something like a semi-circle sword swing could do with a bit of accuracy by changing one large hitbox into two or three smaller ones, without needing to split it up into that many sprites and make sure they are all coordinated.
Does MyBB have better support for code embedding/syntax highlighting?? That'd be the only thing that might be questionable that I can think of, but at worst I would expect you could just add it into the CSS manually.
I'm still disappointed that I lost my copy of Onigiri Sunshine, one of kamatsu's competition entries. I've been through multiple computers and a hard drive failure since then, so I doubt I'll still find it lingering anywhere.
It might help in your animation function to break it down into individual functions where you only have to pass in the properties of the object, that way it's not so big and ugly and is instead a lot of individual steps.
Start refactoring. Figure out if you can break individual parts into cleaner functions, see if you can make a better way to handle the functions, see if you can use a library like Link.js to handle locating array values and such.

Avoiding complexity is hard when you're just diving in, but code is easy to change, so just go back and tinker with it every now and then to see if you can make it more elegant.
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 4.5.11
What's the benefit of that state machine? It seems like a lot of code for a very simple closure generator?
Game Development / Re: RPG battle system balancing
I personally like examining the forumlas for the weapons in Final Fantasy 12, like this formula for the greatsword:

A lot of the weapons in FF12 scale like this, with a straight (damage * random) - defense, then a multiplier from stats
Site Comments / Re: New front page in development

Also, "XMLHttpRequest".  For a class that has nothing to do with XML.

Ah, the good old days, when people who wrote APIs thought that XML was going to be the biggest and best way to transmit data over the internet.
Sphere General / Re: Sphere v2 API discussion
It does seem like it would be a desirable thing to have it so that if a user enables fullscreen mode, the game would be able to load up in fullscreen mode again the next time the game starts up, without the user having to turn it on again. Maybe there should be some kind of save file that contains "runtime selected" settings which can overwrite the default on load?
If you wanted to write the backend in Java instead of C++, you could use the Qt Jambi library in Java to make use of all the Qt stuff.