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Hey mates
Long time no see. I happened to be browsing Duktape's website and noticed that minisphere uses it, which brought me back here. :)

While I don't think I'll be using Sphere for anything for a while, it's interesting to follow the development of the Sphere-compatible engines.

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Re: Hey mates
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Yeah, Duktape is great.  It has a very active developer and evolves quickly as a result.  He's also very accommodating of feature suggestions and pull requests, which allowed me to develop minisphere very quickly.  I started development on the engine in January and it's already at v2.1.1...

Also thanks to minisphere, Sphere is a proper development platform now--the GDK includes not only the engine, but a full-featured single-step debugger for Sphere Studio as well as a scriptable SCons-inspired build tool called Cell (which can also create SPK packages).  You should try it out. ;)

Oh and it's cross-platform too--it's already been compiled on Linux and OSX successfully.
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