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C/C++ Constant Integration Services
I've been more interested in CI services since I largely switched away from Linux. My two main platforms, FreeBSD and OS X, use Clang rather than GCC. My other favored platforms are...weird...and so the results of their builds generally are not of interest to anyone but myself.

I used to use Travis-CI, but it is based on ancient Debian (itself ancient to begin with). They have had repeated delays with updating to Debian 6 (Debian 8 has only just come out -_-).
Their tools are simply too, too old for me to use. They include GCC 4.6, which cannot handle C++11, and it does not have SDL2 at all, fltk>=1.3, or a recent enough Python to build TurboSphere. I don't require much of my Python environment, just Python 2.7 (which came out several years ago). I don't want to have to manually pull and build basic requirements for my projects, like SDL2, as a part of my CI build.

I've been trying Semaphore, and I'm pretty impressed so far. It allows integrated build steps from the web interface, so I don't have to add a CI config file to the repository for my project. It is also based on Ubuntu 12, so it has reasonable included tools and available packages.

I'm curious if anyone else has a favored CI service.