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Elona sourcecode released. written in 'Hot Soup Processor.

    I saw that the source code for Elona, a fun japanese roguelike was available online and decided to take a look. It turns out it is a single, 14mb text file with 444000 lines of code, completely devoid of comments, written in 'Hot Soup Processor', a japanese basic like language.

    The code that determines what monsters can spawn is 30000 lines of this (7% of the total game code), which checks for every monster, where if it fails it goto's the next monster, for all 1000 monsters in the game.

Screenshots of the game can be found here:

I loved the tile draw code:
So unlike Sphere. My respects to even get it to work.

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Re: Elona sourcecode released. written in 'Hot Soup Processor.
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This sounds pretty much like the first few text-based games I ever wrote in QBasic.  Variables?  Functions?  What are they?  It was pretty much just a long string of IF..THEN and GOTO for each relevant input :P

Of course mine weren't roguelikes.  To code a whole roguelike like that... that's impressive.
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