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Help with exporting
Hi, i just made a small game, and i would like to know what options i have to export it so it is available everywhere.

Re: Help with exporting
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Probably the simplest solution is to distribute the engine with and your game (put directly into the startup folder), without the editor.exe.

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Re: Help with exporting
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Your game is in sphere\games\game_name, so the easiest is to do something like this:

- Make a copy of everything inside Sphere's directory, except for startup/ and games/
- Copy your game directory (so sphere/games/game_name) into the copy (so copy_of_sphere/game_name).
- Rename your game directory to startup.
- Optional: delete editor.exe if you don't want people to run the editor and open/edit your project.
- Optional: rename engine.exe to something appropriate, like MyGameName.exe or StartGame.exe or whatever.

I'm going to make a wiki page for this now, with screenshots.