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Right, so for some time I've been working on an RPG called Greyhawk, though I thought I should open a thread once I actually have some progress, lest it goes down the drain along with previous attempts in Sphere.

It's a medieval fantasy RPG, and the story revolves around a Knight from the House of Greyhawk and his quest to defeat the Demons from Hell. Yes, it's a save-the-world kinda thing. After fiddling a little with top-down perspectives, I decided to stick with the tried and true 3/4 perspective for the maps. And as for the combat, if you've played Wasteland, then this should be familiar. It's basically a menu-driven party-based combat system. Movement speed on the worldmap will be influenced by party fatigue and time of day. Said party fatigue can be restored via a number of methods eg eating, resting at inns.

Another thing I would like to note is the concept for books and maps in the game. For example, when the party has difficulty facing a group of thieves outside the town of Fallcrest, they can go to the city's bookshop and purchase the book 'A Report on Banditry in the North', which details the tactics of various bandits in the Northern areas. However, the book will not be viewed in-game. Instead a password will be provided which will unlock a password protected Word Document that will be included with the game. Same goes with maps, which will be essential as the world map in the game has an extremely limited view and at night it gets worse. Hence I would like to create an experience where 'following the road' and constant map-checking is essential to navigate. Otherwise you'll get lost and die of hunger/wild beasts etc.

All text in the game will come in two styles: High speech aka  flowery Elizabethan english which is spoken by the nobles, and Common which is spoken by....the common.

As of now, all I have done is get the story straight and make a prototype for the combat. I currently have no graphics to show. Music and sound effects are from Mount & Blade: Warband.

Combat is a little different from others. For one thing, armor doesn't decrease the damage received. Instead, a character's armor, dexterity, skill etc is combined into Defense. Whenever an attack is made against a character, a number between 1 to 20 is rolled, and compared to the target's Defense. If the roll exceeds it, then the attack hits. Sometimes the roll can be influenced by skills and potions.
Melee attacks deal more damage, but the character's Defense will be lowered to represent to danger of engaging in hand to hand combat. This decrease will last until the next round. Ranged attacks deal lower damage, but have no danger when engaging at a distance. Also, there is no MP here, casters can cast their magics anytime they wish.

I shall give a brief summary of the three main characters and their skills here. Currently each character has 4 skills, but that will change of course.

Sir Roland of the Greyhawk  - A battle scarred war veteran from the House of Greyhawk, now a long-forgotten knight that no one remembers...although that is about to change.

Longsword: Roland strikes his foe with his mighty longsword Tizona, dealing 1-8 damage.
Hold the Line: Roland thrusts himself in front of his foes, giving him an increase in Defense but causes all enemy attacks to focus on him.
Warcry (Offense): The horn Oliphaunt is blown by Roland, giving the party enhanced attack rolls and damage.
Warcry(Defense): The mighty horn is blown to enhance party Defense.

Arneson, Captain of VII Regiment - Sir Roland's friend and a Ranger of the West during the Imperium Wars, currently spends his time robbing from the rich and serving jail time.

Dagger: Arneson's trusty dagger deals 1-4 damage normally, but increases to 6-12 damage upon a successful Sneak.
Sneak: Arneson disappears into the shadows, giving him a 1/3 chance of dealing Backstabs each round.
Shortbow: The accuracy of a Ranger of the West is shown when his yew bow is in use. Deals 1-4 damage.
Stun: Only available upon a successful sneak. Arneson strikes where his enemy is weakest, dealing only 1 damage but reducing the target's Defense to 0 permanently.

Gygax the Wise: A veteran Battlemage from the Imperium wars, now a lecturer at the Arcance University of Winterhaven. He may be old, but his deep knowledge of magic, especially his mastery of the Power Words, make him a venerable opponent.

Magic Missile: A ranged attack comprised of pure magic. Deals 1-4 damage.
Shield: Gygax summons a magical shield to enhance a friendly target's Defense for one round.
Heal: Wounds magically close, and the friendly target heals 5 hitpoints.
Power Word: Doom: Gygax chants the Forbidden Words of Doom, requires 3 rounds of continuous casting, but deals 8 damage to all enemies when done.

Inventory (for everyone): Health potions and Smoke bombs, which immediately grants Arneson a successful sneak.

That's all for now. Hopefully I can get some of the maps done soon.

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Re: Greyhawk
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The combat is quite interesting, but it's slow going. You and the enemy seem to miss a lot.

The lore looks interesting, why cant you put books in the game? I'm pretty sure you can read a text file and display that to screen, I did something similar for a test game a few years ago.

I'm looking forward to the game.
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Re: Greyhawk
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The lore looks interesting, why cant you put books in the game? I'm pretty sure you can read a text file and display that to screen, I did something similar for a test game a few years ago.

It was supposed to have a reading-an-actual book kind of feel. In the late 80s, the Gold Box RPGs all came with paperback books with the stories in em...that seemed kinda cool so I thought of recreating that.

Re: Greyhawk
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I've tweaked the stats and made a sprite. Now you don't miss as much as you did...though it is still quite a bit. Make contact with the stationary sprite to start combat.

Download link :