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Some Old Tutorials I Found
I found some old tutorials that I noticed where no longer on the website:
>Making a Menu (Not sure who made this :-\)
>Sphere Guide to Sphere by Zennith

It would be nice to see them back up on the site again.  Yay community spirit :D

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Re: Some Old Tutorials I Found
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Just so you know: you can edit the wiki and add the articles if you like, yourself! I mean, it's a wiki. ;) But I'll be adding the Menu one right now (think it was made by Radnen? Not too sure.)
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Re: Some Old Tutorials I Found
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I don't recall either one. That Sphere guide to Sphere looks pretty handy though.
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Re: Some Old Tutorials I Found
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Wasn't the Sphere Guide to Sphere included with Sphere 1.5?

Either way I do remember that one. I think that was what taught me JS.