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Title: Future of Sphere: Nomenclature in 2018 and beyond
Post by: N E O on September 20, 2018, 01:39:02 am
I have not officially returned to these boards just yet, but I wanted to pop in here and, spurred on by discussion on the Spherical Discord, clarify some information regarding referring to Sphere and its associated projects conversationally and officially.

Regarding development history, there have been many people who have been involved in the direct development and testing of the various iterations of the Sphere engine. Many names escape me at the moment, but a good portion of that list can be found within the original editor's code. For historical reference and purposes, Chad Austin (AegisKnight) is the original creator of the thing, Brian Robb (Flikky) was then the most prolific developer of it and its updates along with a handful of other developers, and eventually after changing hands multiple times the overarching project as a whole is now currently maintained by me, Alex Rosario. Bruce Pascoe (Fat Cerberus) is the creator and lead developer of the current official Sphere implementation, miniSphere. Any nominal credits beyond the aforementioned would likely require some better research.

There may be separate posts or docs outlining terms beyond the above, such as clarifying licensing of engine-related names or commercial usage.