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Official version is 0.4.4 DEVELOPMENT

There's not much added, however I have implemented voxel sorting to get proper rendering orders, however it's SLOW and has exposed a bug regarding how voxels determine visible faces. I'll have to fix this for

An example of real-time voxel re-ordering during rendertime

An update before I go to bed tonight
Official version is 0.4.3!

RGB lighting and pointClouds are implemented, next week I hope to have the time an motivation to work on implementing multiple light sources as well as rewrite modelObject to support pointCloud injection and to rewrite how voxelWorlds are rendered. Here are some screenshots. As usual they're hosted from my personal server.

I've noted that lighting doesn't behave entirely correctly so I hope to fix that as well

So, here's an Update after over a year of dead silence. This post isn't going to be focused so much on the game itself but rather the biggest system that I'll be using in this game, it's name is Candle.

Status of the game so far

Candle has made a LOT of progress in terms of functionality since I originally started this thread, It's gone from being a simple vector-based rendering system that could barely render a cube to being able to render 10's of hundreds of TEXTURED polygons at a time. That said, it is still mostly a WIP system that still lacks a lot of features I want (This includes a particle system but that's a pipe dream for now) I think I'm beginning to reach a point where it may be worth writing some documentation for anyone wanting to use it.

As I type this, the current version of Candle is 0.4.1

Here are the systems implemented so far:
  • Out-of-bounds (OOB) culling
  • Backface culling
  • Rabbit-hole based 3d-point aggregation (I think that's the right word)
  • Simple lighting (A single lightsource, rightly named 'sun')
  • Voxel world-type (Basically a scene that only supports voxel geometry)

and this is the current to-do list, priority items for version 0.5 are marked with a #
  • Implementation of a more traditional world-type (aka a scene)
    • This is needed for graphical effects I want to implement, such as particle systems
  • # Distance-sorting for polygons
    • Needed to properly render polygons in the correct order
  • #Rework the system for point aggregation into a separate system, formally known as a pointcloud
    • This is needed to improve the efficiency of voxel rendering, currently points are being calculated many times over when they could just be calculated in one go.
  • #Implement support for multiple light sources of different colors
    • Pretty lights are a must
  • Implement a vector motion system
    • The idea is that by defining a motion vector a model or it's one of it's vertices can be made to move, this is also useful for implementing particle and tesselation systems
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
So I picked up my graphics engine again

I've been posting too many screenshots in the discord (Sorry for the spam!), and thought I should share an update regarding the latest version here

Because it's most relevant to what I plan to use this for, I've written a voxel world-type, these can be created dynamically and can also be loaded in parallel provided you have a system in place for selecting which world you want to display. They are inefficient at the moment though due to the inability for models to share a single pointcloud, I plan to fix this for version 0.5

I'm aiming to push a commit to github tomorrow if not tonight, and likely wont be updating this again for about a week or two since that seems to be the frequency at which I get time to work on this

Anyway, screenshot time, because of the forum's image size limit the images are hosted from my personal server.
The terrain is randomly generated using a fractal-based terrain generator that I wrote

This last one uses a lower FOV, the top ones use an FOV that's been cranked way up to create an isometric rendering effect

This is from an experimental version that produced a result I thought was cool.

Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
So it's been awhile. I had to kill off the 3d rendering engine as it turned into more of a beast than I could handle. Though it's not actually dead but in my vault of projects *click*

In other news I am continuing along with the original project but because I do want real time lighting/shadows I am writing my own framework for world and asset management. I'd say it's already about 25% done. Some art assets are in the works too but mainly exist as brainstorming material/concept art

In the meantime. Here's an early test of map loading. the map loaded here 50x300 tiles in size.

    As it's codename may imply, Project Infineon is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler pulling both creative and technical inspiration from games like Spiral Knights, the newest Tekken game, Minecraft, Cube World, and others.

    The goal in mind is to create a game that generates most if not all content, including but not limited to terrain, caves/dungeons, mobs, NPCs, weapons, potions, and other items. It will also be possible to add content packs made by other users that may add additional storylines, new game mechanics, etcetera but I'm still on the fence about how far I want to take the API for that.

    For my own sake, I'm dumping a list of features that I would like to add, as well as features that I need to add. I'll try and update this as development progresses.

    • Stuff to implement:
      • 3D rendering library (With ability to color polygons as an alternative to using textures)
      • Sound management library
      • GUI library
      • Code gremlin repellent system
    • Extra ideas to implement:
      • "Monika" miniboss (Reference to Doki Doki Literature Club)
      • System for displaying a random character on the main menu
      • Obligatory "Is that a Joe Joe reference?!" (I need to watch Joe Joe's Bizarre Adventure) EDIT: I've now watched it, on season 2

    That's about it thus far, I'll update this with some screenshots once I make some progress with the 3D rendering system.
I lost most of my old Sphere games and resources when my laptop died (milk +laptop + seizure = spilled milk and a dead laptop), but I remember someone created a rudimentary 3D test game that rendered some cubes with textures from Minecraft, and you could move around the camera.
You could always do it with transformBlit and some maths but it's a bit of a pain.
Sorry about the long delay between responses, between my ADHD and school sometimes I can forget things, like having an account on here.

You definitely can! I'm currently writing a 3D graphics library for a game I'm developing, it's primarily using the Sphere v1.5 functions but once I can learn how to use MiniSphere properly I plan on updating it to the newer engine. I'll share it here on the forums once I have it in an operable state (And have ensured my code isn't a heaping tangle of spaghetti).

It most likely will require defining models within your code at first, but eventually I'm hoping to make it possible to import .obj files and the likes. I'm still wrapping my head around how to manage polygons and reducing the rendering load by not rendering invisible polys.
@SilicateWielder welcome to spheredev/spherical. Recently there's been more conversation on the discord channel: But the forum is still good for conversations we want to last. Sorry to hear you've had problems joining.

As for 3d; I think proper 3d support could come in miniSphere 6....

TBH all we need is an ability to draw shapes that have z coordinates, most of the hooks are there just a bit of internal plumbing missing.

After that we'd want a method for loading some common 3d formats - wouldn't be too hard to write some loading scripts I assume.

We may run into performance issues at that point if we tried to do anything too big with 3d stuff but I dunno - miniSphere with chakra is pretty fast but we're currently locked to being single threaded.

Okay, thanks for the info! It would be cool to see 3D graphics implemented in Sphere by default. What I've been doing with 3D rendering is actually implementing my own 3D space and rendering framework from the ground up; I've found it to be a great learning experience. Right now I'm implementing a function for wrapping textures onto polygons using a transform blit. I don't believe this feature is available on Minisphere but it seems to work fine under linux.
Hi, I've been using Sphere 1.5 for about three to four years now, originally finding it when I was struggling to write functional game code in Python. I have tried joining before but now that the registration page finally works correctly I've finally been able to get that activation email.

Anyway, I enjoy writing games, and find programming subjects like AI, and 3D rendering, lately I've also been getting into Neural networks but my insufficient knowledge of algebra makes learning how to create neural networks difficult.

Anyway, it's nice to finally be able to join this forum, I'm hoping to further my skills here and possibly even be able to help others while I'm here as well.