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Thanks DaVince, much appreciated!
Ah thanks, I await the results to see how things go. :)
Hey, sorry to gravedig this thread but I just noticed that when I tried to access the wiki for some help, it gives me a permissions error:

You do not have permission to read this page, for the following reason:

You must confirm your email address before editing pages. Please set and validate your email address through your user preferences.

I can't log in, I can't request an account, because it just keeps giving me that error. I do need to access it again as I've scrapped Ilxder 1's development with Sphere (moving to Unreal for that because it'd be a better overall fit for that game's type of development), and I'm working on something right now that I think I might be able to make into a more classic, concise 2D RPG.
Not bad, nice layout. I definitely see the similarities to SMF. :) What version of SMF were you running prior? Last I knew, they were regularly updating the SMF 2.x line.
Everything seems to be working fine for me. :)
Game Development / Re: Licensing
Well, I am a writer for the most part, but I'm afraid I'd leave a hole in the license or accidentally bind myself to some sort of legal liability lol

Anyways DaVince, thanks for the links, I'll take a look. :)
Game Development / Licensing
Hey guys, it's been a while.

Forgive me for the ignorance, but I'm terrible at understanding licenses. I plan on, when I release Ilxder, having it so players can mod the game to a certain extent, but I want to make sure they don't try making some sort of conversion based upon my work that they could then try selling or something. I can't seem to find a license that covers this.

In essence, I want players to have the ability to mod my game like Bethesda permits modding of their RPGs: you can create whatever you want so long as you don't try passing it off as your own work (I don't want them claiming they're part of my team either), redistribute the game without permission, or try selling the game or your mods for my game. Does anyone have a suggestion on what license I could consider for my game? It still uses Sphere, and I know Sphere is open-source, so would I be wisest to use some sort of open-source license, or something different?

Thanks for any answers.


PS: For anyone interested, I took a quick screenshot of the Aildwerd Chapel in Halmuna, the game's tutorial area and the Ilxder's home island. Lore-wise, Halmuna is the last piece of the paradise that once was Steorth (the world the game takes place in).
Arts / Making a variety of trees
Hey guys, I just recently bought a new laptop and desktop after my previous laptop broke down, so I've been working on developing my game again. I was working on the map for the tutorial area in the game, and I noticed, "Wait a minute, all I have are evergreen-style trees...". My tileset for this map has a bunch of evergreen trees from a tileset I imported and modded for the different environments, but I don't want my entire game to be Pine-Land. So I tried experimenting, trying come up with a variety of tree shapes (nothing specifically identical to real-life species of tree).. to put it bluntly, I failed horribly. :P

That being said, I'm also using the trees from Metallix's Resource Competition entry, which look great (even when I had to rescale them to my usual tile size), but I still would like a bigger variety than just evergreens and plain trees. Mainly just shape and color is what I'm looking for. Does anyone have an idea of where I can find either a tutorial or resources themselves that I can use in my game (I don't mind giving credit- I just don't have the money to pay royalties or anything)?

My general tile size is 16x16, and the art style of the game isn't too cartooney.

Any ideas are appreciated, because like I said, I'm not exactly good at graphics hehe
Site Comments / Re: Shoutbox?
Basically, a shoutbox would mean you would have everything on one site so you wouldn't have to log into FB/G+ or an IRC channel, that's what I was thinking. Either way, it was simply a suggestion. :)
Site Comments / Re: Shoutbox?
Yeah, but in this way, it'd all be on one place to go to, and that way you wouldn't have to expose your real name if you didn't want to.
Site Comments / Shoutbox?
Hey guys, I know that a lot of forums tend to have shoutboxes for quick, random chat that isn't enough to put into a post, so I was wondering if anyone here had thought  to make one for this forum. I think it'd be interesting. Personally, I don't know if you'd want to install it, but I recommend SimplePortal which includes a shoutbox among some other pretty useful features you may be able to put to use; if you want just a shoutbox though, this would work. Just thinking that this may be a nice addition to the forum, honestly.
Hellos and Byes / Re: Just checking up on you guys
It's always great to know that Sphere lives again. :)

Personally, I don't have the slightest clue what I'm doing degree-wise. I'm thinking about taking some Biblical courses online to get some credits and to broaden my knowledge in general, and when I actually do end up getting a degree, I'm thinking I'll be going to a nearby trade school. Either way, I'm really sure I want to work in the games industry.

Good luck going back to university! If it's something you want and are passionate about, it makes it more worth it. Seems like you really want to go for it, so I'm sure you'll do fine. :)
Sphere General / Re: MMO-style combat system?
Well, I'm still working on the world design, quests, lore, etc, but when I actually go to make the battle system... well, let's put it this way: you'll probably be seeing a lot of me around here then haha
Sphere General / Re: MMO-style combat system?
Well, honestly I'm not trying to turn my game into an MMO, as it would be relatively foolish for me to try that with such a limited knowledge of programming and a relatively limited knowledge of networking haha. I'm just curious if a combat system like what you often see in MMOs, with the ability bar and a few abilities and whatnot, would be possible in Sphere, or even really that practical.

I do admit that a small multiplayer arena mode would be a cool addition to develop, but I'll think about that again once I'm actually closer to finishing this project. :P
Sphere General / MMO-style combat system?
The other day, I was thinking of ideas to make my battle system in my game go a step beyond. Recently, I've really been dedicated to attention to detail, going one step further than I normally would have, and not taking 'good enough' to be good enough. I feel this project could potentially be something a possible future employer could look at, so I want to put as much effort into making it a great game as I can.

That being said, I was drawing up a sample interface that would kind of work with the 450 x 370 game window that I have. Drawing it up, I based it upon what Radnen said here:

I think your game is the perfect candidate for an on-map-engine type of battle system. But they can be tricky to make.

I'm going to try to dig out the paper to give you guys an idea of what I had in mind, but I had the thought: would it be possible, or even practical, to create an MMO-style battle system with an ability bar, and some abilities? I know how complicated it would be, and I'd definitely be starting with a simpler system to test and fool around with once I get to it, but I just wonder if it would be possible to do in Sphere. I'm not really talking about having a massive selection of abilities, even, nor a customisable ability bar. I'm just talking about having certain quests in the main storyline unlock special abilities bound to the 1-6 keys, that the player can use to gain an advantage in battle, particularly with bosses.

If this wouldn't be possible (or practical according to my limited programming skills), I would settle for a simpler system, as I don't even know if anyone would like the MMO-style ability combat. I'm just curious if it's possible though. Any answers are appreciated. :)