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Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Happy new year everyone!
This thread spans across the years... :P Hi Ma3vis! And thanks!

I didn't move there, rather, she moved to the Netherlands and we were visiting there!
Engine Development / Re: Oozaru: Sphere for the Web
Hey! I haven't been around for a while but this is looking mighty impressive so far, good job! :))
Hellos and Byes / Re: Happy 2019!
Oof, I'm late! Happy new year, everyone. :D
Engine Development / Re: Oozaru: Sphere for the Web
What kind of functions do you have in mind?
One thing I can think of is accelerometer support. You see it in use in stuff like racing games, where your phone becomes a steering wheel, or even just simple stuff like Pokémon GO, where putting the phone upside down will turn the screen black to save performance.

I imagine that Oozaru will be able to do more anyway, if we can have access to the JS DOM API.
Projects / Re: OFF: Puppetmaster
This is nice, has the potential to attract some attention to miniSphere, and gives you the opportunity to play with the source material a bit.

RPG Maker 2003 is quite an old engine and doesn't run so well on modern systems
I think it's good not to consider this the reason as engines like EasyRPG solve this problem anyway. A good reason, though, is to have an OFF fan game made with miniSphere. :P
Spherical News / Re: Forum updates thread
I've started working on updating the forum and wiki themes to match the website theme. So far, the forum's front page and some shared elements have all been changed. Feedback and pointing out things that broke, as usual, is always welcome. :)
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
I was following the Discord chat and saw the progress you were making on this, very promising and very nice!

3D in a primarily 2D-focused game engine would be very nice, and I can think of applications like those 2D RPGs on the Playstation and Nintendo DS that had some 3D objects layered on top. I think that would be an excellent addition to Sphere, especially when you can 3D model them and just use them just like that.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
This is looking very nice and faithful so far!

(Though I have to disagree that it's a unique look - the Vectrex did it in 1982, after all. :P )
Hi, this is really cool! I should probably mention, though, that this community is tiny, and so far the Sphere game engine hasn't really attracted much interest in commercial projects yet. So it might be difficult to find someone to do commercial work for here, as the four years of no responses have probably shown. You're more than welcome to stick around both here and on the Discord chat, of course. :)

I think you create some really nice sounding stuff though, so definitely following you on SoundCloud.
The jam has ended! I had a family visit and because of that break in activity I ended up not being able to deal with the pressure of finishing this on time. However, our game isn't dead! Rhuan has contributed some quality collision detection code and the artwork is also coming along nicely. I'll be resuming work on this in the evenings until we can release a nice, fun, miniSphere-based game.
The jam has been going on for about 10 hours now and my wife and I started working on things about an hour ago! The basic idea and framework are all laid down. Status updates will be here:

So the 42nd installment of the Ludum Dare game jam will be happening this weekend.
The competition lasts for the weekend if you're working alone, and it lasts 3 days if you're working in a team. Full rules here.

I'm going to be joining in (along with my wife, who will be doing some graphics and Rhuan, who will probably be contributing code) and make a little miniSphere game for it, and I was wondering if anyone else might be interested in joining in and make a game as well! :)

There will be a theme to the competition, but it isn't known until pretty much the last moment. These are the final possible themes that are being voted on right now though:

Some history with Ludum Dare and Spherical:
In the past I've participated before (and so has Radnen, several times in fact) and it's a good way to gain exposure to miniSphere as well.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
I have to say, I would most definitely use that H*R startup game. Make sure it includes Strong Bad spewing out a bunch of randomized lines!

That's awesome.  Yeah, Homestar Runner was the best thing about the 00s internet.  Shame the creators moved onto bigger and better things around 2009 and just kind of left the site to rot.  Pretty soon Flash will be totally obsolete and the cartoons won't even be watchable anymore. :(
You might want to take another look at the website... ;)

(I've seen glimpses of their new design as well, which relies on YouTube embeds for all the videos, with higher quality audio as well.)
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
@Eggbertx: I imagine the sound cards on your old computers just supported MIDI natively up to the point where your computer was modern enough that software-based MIDI just wasn't an issue anymore. There was that sweet spot right in-between where computers were weak and some systems still needed to rely on that crappy software-based MIDI implementation from Microsoft that's common on all systems now, though.

@Fat Cerberus: That's kind of strange, I thought Microsoft specifically converted the sound bank to DLS format so that it was lighter on resources. (The original patch set was actually just a binary ROM on Roland chips for synthesizers, I believe.) Hell, Microsoft's Wavetable synth doesn't even support neat and interesting things about MIDI like chorus and reverb effects. I guess it was just expensive no matter what at the time.
Editor Development / Re: QtSphere IDE 0.2.5
I'm trying to get this built on my Ubuntu system (after having installed Qt 4, Qt 5 and Qt Creator) but I get stuck at the screen displayed in the attachment.

Compiling from source worked (after installing some multimedia and multimediawidget libraries), but the IDE seems to currently just crash on an "Error loading penguin.rss" and a subsequent segmentation fault. I guess that's still hardcoded in at this point.

(The README needs updating, by the way! Make sure to list required libraries and ./build/QtSphere should be ./build/QtSphereIDE. :)