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Hellos and Byes / Re: So sphere is still a thing!
Your username looks familiar, were you ever on GamingW back in the day?
No, I think not. But it is not a very unique username.

I am also experimenting with minisphere. But I need some time to get warm with. I never really did much with newer javascript. So that whole new notation stuff is something I need to learn first^^
Hellos and Byes / Re: So sphere is still a thing!
I work at Wooga since over 6 years now already. They compete in the casual games market with relatively good success. I observed how that whole market moved from Facebook to mobile in a crazy speed. Unity is a solution to maintain a game over several platforms. We learned that the hard way. I even tried to do some private unity projects but they do feel too much like daily work for me and I loose interest very fast. Sphere is different enough to make my brain actually relax after work.
Hellos and Byes / Re: So sphere is still a thing!
Haha, amazing. Yes, I am still browsing through the forum and wiki to get a full picture about the changes here.
Hellos and Byes / So sphere is still a thing!
Oh wow.
So recently I showed one of my co-workers Aquatis, because we talked about hobby projects. Today he came back to me and said: "Hey I checked out sphere, and your game is featured on the website!"
So I came back to spheredev and was surprised in what a good shape my old home still is. Nostalgia kicked in and I could not resist to create an account and give a big Hi to everyone here :)

In the past 5 years I was busy learning new technologies, tried several times to create new game projects in my freetime, but some of you might know that feeling when you don't seem to have so much time anymore has you had when you were younger ^^

I am now Unity developer in a game company and in order to compete in that business I have to stay up to date.

I can't find words how much I miss the times when I was active here. I never found a community like this one here again.
My mouse was hovering over that download button of miniSphere today... I might play around with it. Even if it is just to prototype some simple game ideas.

Hope you are all doing fine!