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    As it's codename may imply, Project Infineon is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler pulling both creative and technical inspiration from games like Spiral Knights, the newest Tekken game, Minecraft, Cube World, and others.

    The goal in mind is to create a game that generates most if not all content, including but not limited to terrain, caves/dungeons, mobs, NPCs, weapons, potions, and other items. It will also be possible to add content packs made by other users that may add additional storylines, new game mechanics, etcetera but I'm still on the fence about how far I want to take the API for that.

    For my own sake, I'm dumping a list of features that I would like to add, as well as features that I need to add. I'll try and update this as development progresses.

    • Stuff to implement:
      • 3D rendering library (With ability to color polygons as an alternative to using textures)
      • Sound management library
      • GUI library
      • Code gremlin repellent system
    • Extra ideas to implement:
      • "Monika" miniboss (Reference to Doki Doki Literature Club)
      • System for displaying a random character on the main menu
      • Obligatory "Is that a Joe Joe reference?!" (I need to watch Joe Joe's Bizarre Adventure) EDIT: I've now watched it, on season 2

    That's about it thus far, I'll update this with some screenshots once I make some progress with the 3D rendering system.
Hi, I've been using Sphere 1.5 for about three to four years now, originally finding it when I was struggling to write functional game code in Python. I have tried joining before but now that the registration page finally works correctly I've finally been able to get that activation email.

Anyway, I enjoy writing games, and find programming subjects like AI, and 3D rendering, lately I've also been getting into Neural networks but my insufficient knowledge of algebra makes learning how to create neural networks difficult.

Anyway, it's nice to finally be able to join this forum, I'm hoping to further my skills here and possibly even be able to help others while I'm here as well.