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Map Editor Alternatives?
Hi everyone! The COVID-19 lockdown has brought me back to my beloved miniSphere after a long hiatus of real life getting in the way! :P

As I'm working from a different computer now, I had to find and download/buy all of my tools again, and I remember there was a third-party program that you could use to create maps in. It wasn't perfect because it had no official integration with Sphere, but you could use it to create basic maps and then import them as images to Sphere maps. It also had a JSON exporter IIRC. I can't remember the name of that program - anyone knows what I'm talking about?

And if we are on the subject, is there a different, maybe better supported alternative to the current map editor?

Thanks and I hope everyone is doing well!

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Re: Map Editor Alternatives?
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neoSphere 5.7.1 - neoSphere engine - Cell compiler - SSj debugger
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Re: Map Editor Alternatives?
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Yes it was! Thanks mate