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Feature request: An option to summon eaty pigs :pig_nose: and integrate them into your project somehow.
Sounds like a fun Easter egg.

Okay but seriously, work on a new editor has me thinking... maybe now would be a good time to think about replacing the venerable Sphere 1.x formats with something cleaner and more modern...
Aww man, after all of the work I put (and am still putting) into getting 1.x formats to work? :P
This I don't get... You only need one hand to press Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab while PgUp and PgDown are all the way on the other side of the keyboard. I guess you use right Ctrl a lot? :P And I guess it saves one extra keystroke.
I don't really use right ctrl a lot. changing tabs is pretty much the only time I ever really use it.
It can't, but it *does* respond to Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab (I think it might be buggy though?).
Huh, I just checked and apparently QTabWidget responds to those key combinations by default. And Firefox does as well. Oh well, I've always associated Ctrl+PageDown/PageUp with switching tabs, and it's more ergonomically convenient, so I'll just leave them there.
I know it isn't much of an update, buuuuut QtSphere IDE's file tabs now respond to Ctrl+PageDown/PageUp. Can Radnen's IDE do that? Didn't think so! That's to say nothing of its cross-platformyness and overall prettierness. Neener neener neener!

In all seriousness, considering C/C++ isn't my strongsuit, I think QSI is making decent progress. Now that it's (relatively) stable and I'm pretty sure that it isn't going to blow up in your face if you breath on it wrong, I think it has a pretty decent foundation, even if a fair chunk of it was aesthetically ripped straight from Radnen's IDE and to a lesser extent, VS Code :P
And here's a long overdue update. It isn't much of an editor yet, but I'm making progress and starting with spritesets.
I've resurrected and completed two dead projects so far (robotfindskitten-sphere and Sphere6502), so let's see if I can keep this fun train rolling. After messing around in Java and Vala with the intention of creating an editor solely for Sphere formats, I've decided that I would be better off working on QtSphere IDE again but completely dropping all of the source related stuff. Since I won't be using QScintilla, it should be much easier to build, since you won't have to go around and search for libraries.

Since QSI won't have a source editor, I'm going to work on a Visual Studio Code extension for miniSphere API completion/documentation and possibly for interfacing with SSj.
Projects / Re: Sphere 6502 emulator
As far as I know, it isn't meant to emulate a specific system, and it doesn't have interrupts for input. ASCII values from keypress events are written to memory location $ff, and Math.random()*255 is written to memory location $fe, and for graphics, you simply read from/write to $200-$600 (1 KB or 32x32 px)
Projects / Re: Sphere 6502 emulator
Aaand done. Thanks for the help, Fat Cerberus and rhuan!
Projects / Re: Sphere 6502 emulator
Making a new thread when this one is still on the first page seems kind of pointless, so I'll just resurrect this one.
Like how I've resurrected the -> miniSphere port! And it actually (sort of) works this time, though rendering is kind of sluggish.

It also has a ROM hexdump function.
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.1.2
Removing 32-bit support seems pretty reasonable, considering Windows 7 was released 8 years ago according to Wikipedia. And that's a long time in technology years.
Site Comments / Re: Discord server
Hmm, maybe I'm just projecting in this case then. I mean, I'd want whatever's best for a community, Discord server or forum, and if a Discord server turned out to be better for us in the long run, then so be it, but forums seem to be a better long-term "medium" for this kind of community because messages are more permanent, so that was my concern.
Site Comments / Re: Discord server
I do like Discord, but does it seem like it kind of killed forum activity? This wouldn't be the first time I've seen this happen to a community.
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.0.1
That was the idea. Also, I may or may not have brought this up before, but most games developed for desktop miniSphere won't be compatible with mobile miniSphere and vice versa without some heavy modification.
Engine Development / Re: miniSphere 5.0.1
I've been busy with IRL things so I haven't gotten a chance to work on it yet, but I was thinking about how I'm going to implement a mobile specific API, and I wanted to get your opinion on it before I start. Hopefully it will be compatible with both Android and iOS, but I don't have a macOS computer and don't feel like jumping through hoops.

Code: [Select]
`MobileDevice` Object

MobileDevice.Default [read-only]

 Gets the device running miniSphere. This will likely only exist on mobile builds

MobileDevice.Platform [read-only]

 Can be 'android' or 'ios'


 Activates the device's tilt sensor. If it is not activated, calling
 MobileDevice#getTilt() will return null


 Deactivates the device's tilt sensor


 Returns an object with x, y, and z float values representing the device's angle


 Activates the device's accelerometer. If it is not activated, calling
 MobileDevice#getAcceleration() will return null


 Deactivates the device's accelerometer


 Returns an object with x, y, and z float values representing the device's
 current acceleration


 Deactivates all currently activated sensors


 Returns an array of objects with x and y coordinates for the current number
 of touches. If the screen isn't being touched, it will return a 0-length array.

That must be the prequel.