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Editor Development / Re: QtSphere IDE 0.2.5
Alright, I fixed it and pushed the changes and the updated
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
Yeah, I was thinking that might be the case. They weren't exactly cheap pieces of junk, but they definitely weren't super high end either.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
That's weird, I don't remember having much trouble with it, and I remember using computers as far back as Windows 3.1.
Granted, I didn't listen to a lot of music on the computer until around Windows Me *shudder*.
I mostly stuck to CD players for dedicated music.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
I actually got the idea from an old site called Java on the Brain, which has a bunch of Java applet games. My original goal was to rewrite them in miniSphere since applets no longer work in most, if not all modern browsers. They still work in Netscape 7.2 (which still installs in Windows 10, oddly enough) but nothing on the internet lasts forever.
"Unnamed "SMUP" is based on Warp/Warp 1.5 from JotB. I got the idea for doing the graphics in Blender from Warp 1.5's History page, which mentions doing the graphics in POV-Ray. I've never used it, but I am plenty familiar with Blender. I say "My original goal" because for copyright reasons I may end up using the same gameplay but with my own graphics and sound. I'll still probably end up distributing them as a package with their own game menu.

I still find this excerpt from the Wap 1.5 page kind of funny. "MIDI music in particular tends to hog a lot of processor capacity."
As usual, technology marches on.
Editor Development / Re: QtSphere IDE 0.2.5
Oh oops, that penguine.rss is just for testing. I thought I removed it but apparently I forgot. Or maybe I did but I didn't push that change to the repo yet. You can just put your favorite spriteset in the same directory as the executable, run it, and it should work.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread

I've been working on my old shoot 'em up project for the last couple days, and I'm kind of surprised how well replacing the old sprites and tiles with ones rendered in Blender has been going.
Wow, I haven't updated this thread in a while. But QtSphere IDE is still under heavy development. I thought I posted this already, but apparently not. While it's a little buggy still (dropdowns act strangely with a QSS theme), QSI has a decent looking dark theme!
Libraries / Re: Personlib 1.1
Bumping this thread for the update, for anyone who has been using Personlib and might find it useful/convenient.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
Yeah, I noticed that and that was the idea.
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
It isn't very far yet, but for Shape practice, I decided to work on a small side project: a clone of the original arcade Asteroids. Luckily, I was able to find a font that mimics the original. Rather than using sprites, with the exception of the font, I'm going to use vector graphics like the original as much as possible.

Has there been any update on the possibility of TTF support? We wouldn't necessarily need advanced features to be exposed to the JavaScript API starting out, but basic support would be nice.
The spriteset editor is more developed now, and soon you'll soon be able to actually modify sprites. Modifying directions, frame placement and properties (e.g., frame delay), and base editing is an obvious must, but since there are plenty of external image editing tools like GIMP, Photoshop, Paint, etc, implementing a paint widget isn't going to be a priority until everything else works. Instead, you'll be able to import image files.

I just figured it would be the perfect song to show off QSI's media player. Because.
And of course, you use that song as a test. :smile:
Of course!

...wait, what'd I miss?
The song my IDE is playing in the screenshot I posted, The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
Well I could be working on proper spriteset functionality, but never mind that, QSI plays audio files now!