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What's your day job?
Just curious what everyone does for a living.

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Re: What's your day job?
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I am was a student at Portland State University, until recent. I just graduated. :)

Currently I'm unemployed, looking for work, but I kinda want to do my own thing, start an indie game company with my brother who would act as artist/designer.
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Re: What's your day job?
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I work part time at a junkyard during summers, and part time in IT year round.

Plus, I go to college. But I'm almost done with that, only one more semester. Then I'll hopefully end up working full time IT.

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Re: What's your day job?
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Currently unemployed college student, but it looks like a contract software development position might be coming my way soon.

Was previously a department lead and equity partner at a digital media agency. That was NOT a fun time :/

Re: What's your day job?
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I work as a Fraud Prevention agent for a number of banks

In fact our latest client realtes to an American Bank. G-Commerce. Apparenly the guy who made it, sold it, now has come over to the UK to start the new improved METRO BANK lol

Before that I was manager of a pub, got outta that thankfully

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Re: What's your day job?
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I'm a student, with a rather varying curriculum (learning things about graphical design, user interface design, user experience design, marketing, change management, concepting, cross-media concepting, web development, prototyping, co-design...).

I do make freelance websites for people in my spare time (when I have any), and also music for a commercial game since recently (split up the discussion into a separate thread for this).