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Script Support / Re: Alphabetical sort
Ouch, nice
Script Support / Re: Alphabetical sort
I did but kept getting lost in half the useless crap you come across.

Plus things were quiet here and we have empty forums. Thought itd be handy to have some basic topics there for the newbies to "search"
Script Support / Alphabetical sort
Anyone got a fast and effective function to sort an array by alphabetical order of one of its properties. In this case ".name"?
Projects / Re: Got fed up with typing
It still has bugs but give it a try if you like

Buttons at top and bottom - change page
value boxes - you don't have to use the little buttons, you can click the center and then type (will accept "-")
text boxes (change name/info) - will allow "enter" for new line, but the crappy way i found of doing that means there are 2 "\\" so when you delete you must delete twice or you get left with 1 "\". Also there are no restrictions so it wont stop you writing)
Load and Save - they in fact do work
Drop menus - Some of the drop menus refer to things i haven't done yet (and will I will probably make databases for those too incidently) and thus are empty or refer to a random list

there are some minor bugs with focus' etc but ill comb that out later. I litarally threw this together.

(there is some code from the SDK in there, just ignore it)

PS - one of my handy features is text scrolling. If you see on some of the containers the text is cutoff but the scrollbar (or where the scrollbar should be - little bug lol). if you hover your mouse over it long enough the text will scroll. Try it out

Theres a little surprise in there too - see if you spot it
Script Support / Re: Key characters
thanking you :)
Script Support / Key characters
So we know you can use characters like so "\224"

So if i wanted to write that out in a textbox that the user controls, then take that string to add that character, how would i?

It seems to refuse "/" because it is a special character (ie appears replaced by the appropriate character)

so "\" + "224"
would not work because it wont accept "\" on its own?

any ideas?
Game Development / Re: The Screenshot Thread
Just a thought,

You dont want people just carrying 100x mp restorative objects and using one every 10 turns or so.

Maybe to mix it up a bit you should regain a little mp per character per turn?

Then its not game over on a hard fight if you cant restore mp, you would just have to be more tactical

For example on guy could use ultima, or he could use fire, that way the other character would be able to use cure without restoring MP

just a thought. (kinda like last remnants AP)
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Anyone got...
Ok, ill actually get to try the furniture thing this time lol
Projects / Re: Got fed up with typing
And now it has all of the statistics used for Final Fantasy VI's items. Now I can click my way through the rest!
Off-Topic Discussions / Anyone got...
Has anyone got links to Kefka's Revenge and the version of sphere it runs with? It occured to me the other day that i never finished it but its actually the reason I came to sphere in the first place (That and trial and error)
Projects / Got fed up with typing
So I got fed up with typing all the items in and then changing the way they were handled. Thus having to mess around with all 255 of them.

Thus i decided to follow old advice of saving/loading from a text file. And to go with it I made a little GUI

Not meant to be special, but handy eh? Kept it similar to a program i use to get to the guts of a FF6 rom
Script Support / Re: Question about switch
I had assumed, I was just curious  :)
Script Support / Question about switch
Code: [Select]
  return // the above?

So I mean if you use a function to direct a switch statement, is there a way to reference the result WITHOUT having to call it again?
Script Support / Require/Evaluate Script
Why would you use evaluate if you have require? surely require is just the more efficient equivalent right?
Attatch a project and ill give it a go, drives me crazy copy/pasting code