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Uh... lets not downplay optimizing just yet. Half my projects only started coming together when I read an article on optimization :) lol
The motherboard thing wouldnt surprise me. Considering the card wasnt held in so was loose.

You did sat that its likely that would damage the motherboard right?
The website for the card says that it supports win 8. So I assumed it would be UEFI flashed.

But when I looked at the physical box it says up to win 7.

I have the PC back now (After over a week). I get no picture until im into windows. If I want safe mode or the bios I have to plug into the onboard graphics.

Also it seems to keep buggering up everytime I turn the pc off. I then have to connect to the onboard graphics. Then turn it off. Plug into the graphics card and turn on. Then it works.

Its =driving me crazy. Everytime I turn my PC on there is a 50/50 chance itll boot straight up. But I have to wait for like 5 10 mins to check. Really don't like not having a picture.

No idea what this woman did but she had it for ages.

PS. Again they did not fix the card in so I did it myself. Bunch of muppets apparently.

Its working right now, Arkham City looks absolutely stunning.

@Flying Jester - Had I known about UEFI prior to buying it I would have. Saying that though after browsing through other models none of the mention anything about UEFI. The customer support people says they have to make the custom firmware at YOUR request and then they send it to you. Great if you actually know or have the means to do that
Im guessing you guys missed the part about needing the card flashed, requiring 2 pci-e slots. I tried everything, even talking to the customer support. Why assume I did not try to fix it first
I had the computer back a day with the old graphics card in it and its all ok. She said she couldnt do it that do so bring it back the next...

its been 3 more days... still no PC

I guessing that poor connection buggered the graphics card then. And it was the last one in stock when i bought it so i guess they are secretly waiting a delivery. maybe im wrong

On the otherhand she told me it was fine and that last time she didnt set it up fully so when my power cut the "last good config" that loaded reversed what she did.

I question why she did "half" a job that she KNEW was gonna require another visit eventually. Espcially considering you are supposed to PAY for that
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: E3 2013 Game Conference
Final Fantasy X HD has been on the headlines for like a year?

It is only a remaster, no remake im afraid. The only difference will be upscaled

X-2 is being done aswell but for some reaspn they ARE NOT including the stuff that was on the (Japan only) international release

In this release you could actually catch monsters, and yes some of those monsters are :


There was a extras mission where you climb each floor of some massive tower.

If they release it without that I think ill ditch final fantasy. They dont seem to be in it for the fans anymore. They had to apologize for FF14 in the end. Refused to do a FF7 remake or sequel that is ACTUALLY SIMILAR

Top that with taking away exploration and you have one unhappy Harry...

15 just looks like assassains creed to me. IU get that these new styles can be fun, but as a final fantasy fanatic it just looks like a differrent series. They should drop the Final Fantasy headston until they are truly ready to make another Final Fantasy.

I like a pretty, slow, strategic story. Not constantly having to drop my drink If i dare pick it up during a cutscene because that is just the "style" now. Screw it, good graphics and old -style gameplay. Thats what i wanna see
Hellos and Byes / Re: Swimmisan's Introduction
Version 1.1 i believe

Downloaded it to play Kefkas revenge but it wouldnt run on win8 for sum reason (the engine itself that is)

Havent tried my other computers yet
If that is the case surely they are responsible as they did not fix the card in?

Theres a metal panal that locks in there, but it doesn't fit over the shape of the graphics card (hard to explain). So I would have put a screw in the hole the card is over, as it is a SCREW hole. That clip just fits there too. They didn't, so it was literally just pushed in

I didn't realize til I went looking to see why it wasn't working.

I have a feeling im gonna end up arguing if that's happened...

I was just starting to enjoy PC gaming again bah!
Tech support told me that the card isn't UEFI flashed.

He told me a load of things that "should" have worked but none did. I only had one PCIe slot so couldn't run the old and new card so I took it back to the shop

I made them waive their usual £25 fee, as I had asked all these questions when I bought the PC and I wasn't told this. I suppose in the future these card wills come already flashed?

I got it back and it was working great. I was kicking ass on Batman AA on all the max settings!

Then it just stopped working again. I looked at the back of the pc and the card they "fit" is crazy loose? They didn't fit any screws to the case so it was just that one plastic clip on one side of the PCIe that was holding it in?

I assume that is the problem. I also had a power cut. When I turned the PC on, no Display. Its still getting into windows though as I can hear it start.

So its back at the shop. And they have no tech guys there until Monday. Fantastic...

By the way required power was 400W I had 450W. But the card worked in my old PC that only had 350W when I had to test it worked and it did
I tried the old one outta my old PC, no picture at ALL. Tried a brand new GEFORCE GTX 650 TI - Absolutly nothing

Put the old card in (Even after uninstalling its drivers) and it displays using windows drivers. None of the other cards will?

Pc is a Advent DT2412. All Ive found is that the LECAGY boot mode doesnt work so your meant to change some settings on the BIOS. I did that, still no picture.

Anything I found on goodle said you have to disable onboard graphics. There is NO way to do that in the bios, you can change setting for the onboard but not disable. For the record the onboard graphics dont work if any of the problem cards are connected

Motherboard is a MSI board, which are apparently also a pain

I just cant figure this out and its really bumming me out. If I dont solve it the wife wont let me try again lol, her response is "Well obviously OUR computer cant have good graphics".

Can anyone help?

EDIT : The NEW GTX 650 card works in my OLD pc so the card isnt faulty. On the box it doesnt say it supports WIN 8 but their website does
Programming / Re: Physics
lol, thats kewl
Libraries / Mouse Library v1.0
Hey guys, heres my old mouse library in case anybody wanted it

Code: [Select]
var mouse = new _mouse(image) // To create a mouse object

mouse.update // In your update script
mouse.render // In your render script

mouse.isMouseOver(x, y, w, h, object) // If mouse is over x,y,w,h returns true. If you also specify an object that object will be targeted by the mouse for further actions

your_object.leftOnPress = function() {}
your_object.leftOnHold = function() {}
your_object.leftOnRelease = function() {}
your_object.rightOnPress = function() {}
your_object.rightOnHold = function() {} // Specify the function calls INSIDE your desired object
your_object.rightOnRelease = function() {}
your_object.middleOnPress = function() {}
your_object.middleOnHold = function() {}
your_object.middleOnRelease = function() {}

// For the above you MUST run .isMouseOver() with the object included as this will mean the mouse will call the appropriate function from inside that object

your_object.heldLag // If you want a delay between performing actions for the ""onHold functions. Every itteration is too much for most onHold functions

It does a couple of other things it can do but its fully commented

The next version will include further control, list the mouse wheel. I also wanted to include proper Keyboard support so itll be more of a "Input" library

I did have a more advanced version of this script but it seems to have wandered off???
Hmm, so I'd just have to do something similar then. Create a .user file for my editor. Save tasks, open tabs, folds, etc. Alright.

Looking forward to it!

I tried this back on the old forums on one of your first builds, but after that ill admit i never tried the others.

But now I have and I love the modern look and feel. Good job Radnen!

My FF6 SDK looks much more organised and I REALLY like having the project pane hidden so it pops out when the cursor is over it! Really helps

BTW works on win8 out the box
Just a quick suggestion

I always end up accidentally closing the editor when my game aborts (when i wasnt expecting it)

can you make it so that any branches that you closed in your scripts STAY closed?

Everytime i reopen the editor and open a script all the branches are open again and i have to go around closing them for easier navigation

10 mins later i do it again...

Talking about the original editor by the way, id love to see this feature in your as is driving me crazy (Damn my automatic ALT F4 reaction)

That or rather than the engine closing after any key, make it REQUIRE escape key?
Hellos and Byes / Re: I'm Here
Nothing so far but its been all about TurboSphere! :)

Good to see you again